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  1. What’s this you speak of? Pretty sure it’s almost extinct.
  2. I filled out the warranty form last night so I’m just waiting to hear. We did figure out where the water is getting in so we will caulk the next one.
  3. Not on the ground. Was hanging correctly and covered! Im hoping they replace it
  4. So on Sunday my camper lost power for like 10 mins. I didn’t think too much of it. I left the campground Sunday night and came back today around noon. As soon as I pulled in I heard my ems surge protector humming, which has never happen and we lost power again. I assumed it was a problem with the campground and they came and tested everything and it was fine on there end. They discovered my progressive ems 50ptx (I may have the letters and numbers out of order) Had a bunch of water in it and fried it. Ironically talking to my neighbor they had the same thing happened but hers was the 30 amp on
  5. That’s awful 😭 I know a lot of people missed out on trips etc but the poor Wish kids who may never get to take their trips is beyond heart breaking
  6. I’m not a crafter but am a buyer, start posting stuff people 😂
  7. That’s 100% my plan. NJ is starting to open some things (like the beaches/boardwalks which is pretty much what NJ is all about for Memorial Day weekend) and they are crowded. We plan on just laying back and hiding at our campsite and waiting to see what happens with these reopening sand crowds of people. If in 2 weeks numbers don’t explode I’ll expand our outings. But I didn’t spend 8 weeks home to screw it up now for my family.
  8. Same for us but with Philadelphia’s airport. Pre Coronavirus you could sit outside and see them lining up in the sky for their turn to land and as quick as one would go to land another would fill in line. It’s crazy, reminds me of 9-11 times when the skies were quiet.
  9. I’d wait too if I was disney. They might find out that opening Disney Spingarn was a horrible idea, or have ideas of how to make things work better when the parks/resorts open. If they put a date out and then have to push it back people will complain.
  10. Yet the filter the heck out of them 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Wonder if they were waiting for Disney to announce a date so they could beat them too it.
  12. We have a seasonal campsite and we allowed in on 5/2 (seasonals only) and had to sign a waiver as long as my camper saying we won’t sue them if we get covid 19
  13. A girl I follow on IG went to Shanghai Disneyland today and she was highlighting all the people not following the spacing etc. some times people were but a lot of times they weren’t. There’s no way people here will follow the rules. However in NJ if you want to get into a fight take your mask off in a store and watch the people freak out 😂
  14. Hardly even need a large family! I think we were at $6k with the 4 of us!
  15. That was good entertainment. Especially the lady saying she spends $10k a year there, does she not realizes that’s like nothing to Disney 😂
  16. I read Disneyland Paris is canceling until until 7/1. Not that you can really compare them but wow.
  17. you know the bloggers will be killing themselves to be the first to get back in. Im with you, I like Disney but I’m not going anytime soon. No thank you.
  18. I don’t think I could enjoy myself if I went anytime soon, first person to cough and I’d probably have a heart attack.
  19. They are doing that to the Jersey shore too. First case in Cape May County was an out of stater who was “trying to get away”.
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