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  1. I am planning to do the Dopey challenge in 2015. We didn't have the funds for the fees or the trip for me to try it 2014 and I figure this gives me plenty of time to train. I'm getting ready for a 1/2 marathon here in November and I already have a post-it with my Dopey training start date stuck to my computer monitor. This will be my first running experience at Disney so I'm sooooooo looking forward to it all!
  2. We have some good friends that tow a nice size pup, with toilet and a/c and they tow with an Odyssey. It is one of the Jayco's, don't recall which exactly. It has worked out really well for them and their 3 little girls. So I am absolutely confident that you will find something that works for your vehicles tow capacity. Do the suggested research and enjoy shopping! We loooooove going to the rv shows and I'm pretty sure we have been to every dealer in our area and some in Austin (we live in San Antonio). Enjoy the hunt!
  3. So sorry we missed you!! Tomorrow is our boy's 8th birthday. We will be out and about most of the day but I will have sidewalk chalk out if anyone happens by that would like to leave a birthday note. If it isn't raining... Can't believe we only have 3 days of disney left to go. It always goes too fast.
  4. So far it has been a great trip! Hubbie got a bad case of golf cart envy so we have done some looping, great park time, pool and did a couple of water park trips. :)
  5. Site 1717, I'll try too get our Camp Sowles sign out tomorrow. Right now my bed is calling to me. Loudly.
  6. We originally planned on bringing them but our trip this time is going to be pretty park heavy so they will stay in Texas with my best friend and her dog herd. They love coming on trips where we spend lots of time at the campsite, one day we'll get a Fort trip like that, one day.
  7. The fuzzball in my avatar would be Timber. He's a pomeranian we got from a rescue group, they said he was a puppy mill rescue. We're guessing he's about 3 yrs old. That picture is one of the few I've managed to get that isn't total blur. We also have a black pom, Shuba. He's our little old man dog, just turned 13 years old. Love 'em both to pieces. I'll see if I can hunt down a picture of the Shuba dog...
  8. I didn't expect it right this second. :raspberry: Just looking forward to hearing what people think when they do get around to it. If we get to it first then I'll post my thoughts. We should be hitting AK next Thursday I believe.....
  9. Really looking forward to doing this next week!! Happy to see it got a good review, looking forward to hearing from any Fiends who do this too. http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/06/02/wilderness-explorers-opens-at-animal-kingdom/
  10. Really looking forward to seeing your rig, hoping all goes well!
  11. 9 days and counting until we hitch up Dory, pile into Clifford the Big Red Truck and hit the road to the Fort!!! Arrival day is Saturday June 8th, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!!!
  12. If the day goes well it looks like we're gonna try for the Jellystone. If not, there is a place called Stone's Throw that we may have to settle for. Really hoping we make it to the Jellystone, the other place looks okay for an overnight but we were really hoping for a place to really relax for a bit before the last push to the Fort. Thanks for all the info and links, Fiends rock!
  13. I enjoyed Dave's SWW trip report very much but this link is also very helpful. We are only getting one shot at this, our first full park day is the last day of SWW. Any and all info that helps us make the best of this day is greatly appreciated. Thanks Kelly!!
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