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  1. that equlizer hitch will make a lot of difference, once you get it loaded adjust it and you will love it
  2. The foreigners will still ignore the new stupid rules and the cry babies will still say they are too close and want them done away with completely within 100 miles.
  3. Dave is a funny boy, I don't really know how to spell Texas let alone Tennessee. But the real story is that the original Owners made their money in oil (Texas T) so when they built this place that was the name they gave it. The second owners never changed it (they were from Ohio) and when the current owners (James and Pat) bought it they were from Texas (Houston) and when they were closing on it the lawyer asked what they wanted to change the name to and James said there was no reason to change it.
  4. I hope so, I am pretty sure Tim wants to make it up I know I can reserve some spots at that wonderful campground that is so well kept by a crack maintenance team. I will put it out on the interwebs that I participate in and see if anyone salutes the flag.
  5. and believe it or not, I bought the one I am in at the Tampa show. Ask about it sometime (in person) it's a good story
  6. I would love to Eric but every year I am running back and forth for baseball and with the girls playing volleyball now I would be gone all day Saturday and if they have a tournament that weekend it would be all day Saturday and Sunday. It kinda screwed me last year for some reason none of them had anything that weekend but it was too late. If the same happens this year I may run up for the day Saturday.
  7. Don't forget that what ever you see as a price on line, the "real" price is about 30% less, especially if you go to one of the shows
  8. No matter what brand you buy there will be someone who has had a problem and "Oh my god this is the worst camper in the world". I have heard horror stories and seen horrors stories since I live and work in the campground. I am personally living in a Grand Design Reflection bought new 3 yrs ago and have had nothing wrong except for an air conditioner the first year and that wasn't GD's fault. I believe the Reflection is outside what your specification was but they do make 2 TT's smaller called the Imagine and Transcend. Kathy just told me that they make a smaller Reflection, just saying. Anyway Grand Design was bought by Winnebago but remains as a separate company. I do believe the quality of the GD is outstanding compared to a lot of what I have seen and their customer service gets good reviews. Just my opinion.
  9. I wanted to go today but I have had a slight health problem so I didn't want to drive down crazy I4, we are at Lake Magic. Last time I was there it cost me a lot of money so maybe it was a good thing.
  10. Holly's back! Holly's back! roll out the purple carpet, where you been girl? It"s been forever since we've seen you
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