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  1. Dear Lord, please don't feed the Dave
  2. TnBob

    Tampa RV Show

    I wanted to go today but I have had a slight health problem so I didn't want to drive down crazy I4, we are at Lake Magic. Last time I was there it cost me a lot of money so maybe it was a good thing.
  3. Holly's back! Holly's back! roll out the purple carpet, where you been girl? It"s been forever since we've seen you
  4. TnBob

    Texas T, Cornersville, TN

    this is a no rush kinda place
  5. TnBob

    Where in the World??

    somewhere in Florida
  6. TnBob

    Texas T, Cornersville, TN

    that does look like a nice little campground, I bet they have a good maintenance department
  7. I like that the ribs are on the take out list now
  8. yes Dave, you are the wildest of the wild
  9. We get the ones with the smart cars in here once in a while, maybe we could have a rally when Dave gets his. The Dave at Texas T Smart Car Rally, I can get ya a discount lol
  10. TnBob

    Living in an RV

    If I had 6 daughters I wouldn't have to live in an rv to go crazy although the two of us have been living in ours for 4 yrs. Having the grandkids here sometimes makes it tight but doable but I doubt I would want that many full time.
  11. We stayed there once about 10 yrs ago, we were the only ones in there, I think it was January. The lady was nice (the Peach Queen) herself but it looked even worse then so consider yourself lucky.
  12. TnBob

    Golf Cart Rental

    It's a small world after alllllll, it's a small world after alllllll, it'ssssss a smallll world after all, it's a..........damn I forget the rest
  13. TnBob

    Just Joined

    darn, you missed the prize by one member