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  1. Not the new pony, but a friend took some cute pics of one of them the other day: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKAcB08htmp/
  2. Wow, I'm surprised (and not surprised) that they've been shuffled around so much. I surely hope he's there when we go back... it'll be the last thing we really love there gone.
  3. You had me curious. We were at the Contemporary the other night for dinner and I did ask what happened if I failed the temperature check to go into the bathroom. The woman informed me that she'd send me to another that didn't require screening.
  4. That 100% fits what we feel like they did to Beaches & Cream. They took a cute shop/experience and ruined it. But, we love the food and ice cream and have a favorite server there. We've had him over the years and he remembers us each time we come in. At least I hope he's still there...
  5. We had Olivia's for Thanksgiving a few years back. The food was great and we really liked the atmosphere. Glad you had a good meal there!
  6. Tourists are definitely back! Grocery stores are back to their crazy madhouse-ness.
  7. Sorry to hear about the pain and wish you had had warmer weather. But glad you got to spend some Disney time and I'm super thankful that you're sharing this report.
  8. I'm all for sub-90° weather but this highs in the 50s isn't my idea of fun! Even highs in the 60s is cold to me. I'm happiest between 75-80°. Welcome to the Fort! I'm nearby if you need anything.
  9. I know this issue has been resolved, but for future reference if someone comes looking for mobile techs.. I've heard good things about him. I've also used Pat Monahan (352-536-0385) in the past while staying down the road at Thousand Trails Orlando.
  10. They do not. I called last year and spoke to one of the managers there. Apparently he owned the phone number. He gave me the number to a mobile tech but said he wasn't doing any work.
  11. Is anyone from or near Tucson, AZ? NaCole is having camper issues and needs some help with axles and springs work.
  12. Thinking about it- we are a bit of the oddity with only 2 kids. 3-4 is much more common. 5+ isn’t super unusual. You see more of that than families with just 1 kid.
  13. We are a family of 4 whole live in one for the past (almost) 3 years. One of our best friends are 2 parents, 6 daughters, and 1 dog that live in their RV for the past two years now. What would you like to know? Ask me anything. [emoji4]
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