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  1. We haven't eaten at the Leaky Cauldron but we have had lunch twice at Three Broomsticks. We really liked it. Both times we got a pumpkin juice and a butter beer to share between the 4 of us. That's about all I can take because it is so sweet, but both are tasty. Congrats to Z for being picked - how cool!
  2. I'm in! We have had Universal seasonal passes this year along with WDW water park passes. Of course, we have stayed at the Fort the two times we have gone. Planning to make it back at the end of May before the passes run out. Eight nights at the Fort, though!!! Looking forward to your thoughts on it. We absolutely love all the Harry Potter World stuff!!! Of course, it looks like it was designed by an imagineer. There is no comparison to Disney in their theming at all anywhere else. I got heartedly sick of simulator rides. Pro on those is that they can run in FL's rain. Still, it got old. That and the constant jabs at Disney - blowing up Tinkerbell in the Shrek pre-show room, etc. I just shook my head and whispered, "Disney doesn't NEED to compare itself to you." There were some rides we missed - water rides mostly - and we want to go back to the HP stuff so we'll head back to finish out the passes. Carry on!
  3. Glad to hear that Jungle Cruise was able to open back up. Sad to hear TCD's TRs may be ending. My Fiend checking time is sporadic. Like many people I may be absent for a while, then binge the forums for a few hours. That's life. Just glad its here for us when we're able to get our fix!
  4. We let our kids play on their iPODS when we are at the camper, but they are not allowed to take them into the parks. Besides worrying about losing them, a Disney trip is far too expensive to waste staring at something they have at home.
  5. I guess Irma is a fan of Toad. Hmmmm..... noisy, reckless, dangerous, brash. I can see that.
  6. Thrill and I are fine, just sitting in the dark. We lost power about 3:00 this afternoon and are not sure when it will come back on. So many people in our area are out of power it may take a while. We lost some limbs and loads of twigs. The only damage we found was one piece of siding that came off and landed in our yard (so at least we have the piece to put back on). Quite a few people in our neighborhood have trees laying on their houses so we feel really blessed to have escaped with no damage. The crazy thing is the remainder of the storm is heading toward my parents in north MS! *Edited - This evidently didn't post the other day. Not sure why but it popped up saying it had now been restored. Cool. Our power hs since been restored, too. That is even MORE cool!
  7. Thrill's family seemed to have weathered it well in South Florida. They checked in again with us this morning and said they were about to venture out and see what might need to be mopped up or cleaned. Here in Macon, GA, we are just getting started with our bit of fun. The winds started picking up about 8:00 this morning. So far we have just lost some limbs. The heavier stuff is expected this afternoon. I am concerned about all the super tall pine and oak trees surrounding our house. They just aren't used to tropical storm strength. Hoping the storm continues to weaken. We are continuing to pray for all those who have lost so much in the storm. Stay safe.
  8. Praying for all our Florida fiends and Thrill's family, too. They are all staying put in South Florida. The forecast now has us in central Georgia pretty concerned. The strength of the winds we may get worry me - our house is closely surrounded by loads of trees. We have food and batteries for the assumed power outage. Light winds often cause limbs to fall on lines around here and take out transformers with lovely green fireworks. This should be, um, fun.
  9. I laughed out loud at the sign posted at the comfort station this past week about the "dry" conditions. We couldn't have used our grill anyway. It was standing in 3 inches of rainwater.
  10. I would say around 1504 to about 1510 or so. I am not sure which sites it starts to curve right toward the canal but it is about halfway. Or look at the site and check the numbers that it says they are on the left - the inside of the loop. I understand your preferences and am glad they don't "interfere" with ours - we always ask for 1500 and 1520 in particular! Welcome to the Cottontail Curl loving family!!!
  11. Why do I have The Sneetches playing in my head? "The star bellied Sneetches had stars upon thars."
  12. Since we aren't FL residents (sadly) it wouldn't work for us. I do think getting the water parks annual pass will work, though. We have more trips planned, would like the chance to do both parks, and would like to be comfortable with only doing a half day at a time in the water parks without feeling like we were wasting our one full day ticket. I am sure Aquatica will be great, but I have Disney experiences that need to be checked off "the list". Speaking of, any more mini golf recommendations?
  13. Hmmm.... after looking at the photographical evidence I am inclined to believe that with the "new" cinnamon rolls you would be paying for more air (i.e. empty space) than the previous dessert. Here "airy" means light in content, not necessarily in texture.
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