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  1. I was there but didn't see Donnie anywhere
  2. Disneybishops

    River Country

    When did they do the 2100 loop looks to me they are expanding some
  3. Disneybishops

    Christmas reservations

    I just said the heck with it. I booked a cabin 12/27-1/2. When I called to shorten the time to 4 days I was told it was not available. The lady on the phone said wow that doesn't sound right. She then put me on hold and called the fort and got it done. When she came back on the phone to tell me it was taken care of. She said she didn't understand how they do reservations at the fort. Doesn't make any sense to her and she works there. Now I just have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the cabin for a few nights. Lol
  4. Disneybishops

    Christmas reservations

    I haven't been to the fort during Christmas since 2010. I finally decided to go back this year. I tried to get reservations in Jan but found out they now let you reserve 18mths in advance. I did get get 18 so I guess I won't go this year after all. Back in the old days I could always get Christmas even during the year but this year seems there is nothing available. I'm sure there are sites but Disney just doesn't open them all at once.. Anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone. Don't recognize many of the names anymore.
  5. Disneybishops

    Booked with Judy AKA Fiesty

    how can i get in touch with Judy? Dan
  6. Disneybishops

    Will I survive? Doodle at the Fort in July.

    Looks like the Fort weather will be much better by friday. Then sat the heat index will be a cool 102. Hope you get to stay through the weekend. Dan
  7. Disneybishops

    Newmar Kountry Star

    Its diesel. miles don't matter
  8. Disneybishops

    Thank you for all you do!

    US Army Combat Support Company 1st Bat. 5th infantry 25th Infantry Div. 1971-1973 Go Bobcats
  9. Disneybishops

    Severe Weather expected Tuesday October 18

    Yep we heard the same thing here. Now a couple of weekends ago we had a no name storm that they didn't even think was gonna come to us. We got 7" or rain. Yep everytime they see a disturbance they make wild predictions I just wait until it is here and then deal with it. I doubt the Fort got much of anything as they aren't far from here.
  10. Disneybishops

    A weather question

    ok maybe with wind chill. but that isn't the temp. But to me anything under 70 is cold. LOL
  11. Disneybishops

    A weather question

    Not sure where you were camping. But it rarely gets in the teens in central florida. We might get frost a couple of times but thats it. Very seldom in the twenties. It may get in the thirties but that is about as cold as it gets.
  12. Disneybishops

    What to keep in the camper?

    I just stock plenty of beer and alcohol. That way when I drink enough of it. the rest of the stuff just don't matter.
  13. Haven't requested a loop. Have premium reserved so it will be one of those.
  14. Yea Dave it has a fuel injected 460. I think those are great engines. I was looking at newer ones (around the 2000's)but the early V10's have a history of blowing out spark plugs. Problem with the heads. Not all of them but you never know. I had 460 in my Bounder and it was an animal. Although they are gas hogs.
  15. Yes couch and dinette slide.