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  1. I’ve had premium pass for years. I kept them during COVID. They gave me an extra month. So mine expire 1/28 now. No they they tell me I can purchase same ap’s but for about 400.00 more for each one. Wow guess that’s my thanks for being loyal
  2. Just checked this morning you can get tent, full hookup and preferred site. From 12/16 till 1/1
  3. I first camped at the fort back in the early nineties. Tent camped but never had a problem with reservations. I even tent camped on premium site.
  4. I think this all changed when the fort stopped doing their own reservations
  5. Why do they let her book groups. They have never had any problem filling up in the holiday season
  6. Just wondering out loud. Since Disney doesn’t seem to like us much anylonger im sure Chapek had thought of bulldozing the fort more than once. He could build several resorts where the fort is
  7. Dang you have 12k posts. I was one of the originals here and I have nowhere that many
  8. Can’t believe it. Just booked 14th through the 1st. It full hook up go figure
  9. A certain TA is booking for Christmas 23. That’s 3 years in advance. How the heck can average folks ever get a site a Christmas again. I love the fort at Christmas but I’m not even going to try anymore. This one TA seems to have all the inside info and sites. Don’t think Walt would like this much
  10. For me it’s just too hard to fight for reservations. A certain TA grabs all the good reservations. I remember when you could always get Christmas reservations. You had to be creative but you would always get them. I understand 250 a night during Christmas but the are changing 200 a night Labor Day. That’s nuts I was there Easter week and paid 250 per night. i still have premium AP. No black out dates. Haven’t had any problem getting reservations but the lines are long and the parks are packed. Not sure if I will renew next year. There are no perks for pass holders anylong
  11. It’s not because of covid at the Fort. I can see the state cg’s filling up as they are reality inexpensive. At the Fort the site are more than 100.00 year round. also yesterday I booked Memorial Day. 4th of July and Labor Day its only Christmas and if you don’t o through a travel agent you are out of luck
  12. Don’t mean to offend anyone. It’s just that certain travel agents gobble up all the sites. I’ve been told they get availability before the window opens to normal folks. I just like the way it was done in the past. And it didn’t start this year either
  13. Am I the only one who misses the old way we made reservations at the fort? I can remember getting reservations for Christmas most anytime during the year. Yes you had to be creative but you could get a site. Now they give all the sites to travel agents and they are gone in one day. I just liked the old way where I controlled my reservations. sorry to ramble just my 2 cents
  14. It has gotten expensive but I still prefer the fort to a hotel. I make about 4 trips to fort each year and don’t plan to stop until I get too old to camp I camp at country thunder and it’s 1500 for 3 nights including 2 tickets
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