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  1. My daughter asked at the bike barn and they said it was something going on for cast members. They didn’t elaborate.
  2. No one has said anything. We arrived today so we will try to find out.
  3. Someone posted on a FB site with a picture of a round sign with a triangle shaped prong on the bottom stuck in the ground. Has a Mickey Hat/ears design with the letter A below it. The poster said the entire alphabet is scattered around the Fort. No one on the site had a clue of what they are.
  4. Hey, they paid good $$$ to camp at the Fort and can do anything they darn please! Rules are for other people to obey.
  5. https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/perfectly-pillowy-cinnamon-rolls-recipe
  6. Local TV news is the absolute worse. They start broadcasting around 3 or 4 PM, and regurgitate the same stories every 1/2 hour. Very little of it is real news, it's more "the vaccination site closed without notifying me" (even though they had it on the news for 3 days it was closing) and "I'm upset!" We have had the same news for a week about a pool company that started jobs and haven't finished them . The "consumer reporter" is getting a ton of air time.
  7. Guests hoping to enjoy the spookiest day of the year at Walt Disney World Resort will need Annual Passes to snag a Park Pass reservation at the Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Theme Park Availability Calendar is now showing no availability on Halloween for theme park ticket holders and resort guests. Probably too early to determine if this is really true or not, or if availability will open up. Same thing happened for October 1 for the 50th. Was booked, but month or so later all levels opened up. BUT, here's my complaint about booking park dates as an AP. Our passes expire
  8. Remember back in the good old days where we had real news reports where the anchors reported the news, didn't do happy talk or interject their opinions. Huntley/Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, Gabe Pressman. Now we have "news" shows that are like the View/Today show. Very little substantial news, lots of happy crap that would in the past be only printed in a neighborhood news letter. Things are confusing because everyone puts their own spins on everything and we have more talking head "experts" than stars in the sky. With FB and other social media anyone can spout whatever they
  9. Possibly. But bean counters are now running Disney, and if they think relaxing mask mandates will open them up to a lawsuit, they will keep things the way they are. By the looks of some of the FB posts from DW, they are still making $$$. Especially with all the savings from various things being cut back/closed, trams, some boats, resorts etc.
  10. Disney can follow relaxed guidelines if they want. But as a huge private company, if they want to keep 6 feet and masks required outdoors and indoors its their prerogative. Many counties in FL never had or have now relaxed mask guidelines, but a lot of business's still require them to enter their facilities. Our governor has declared that there will be no vaccination "passports" allowed in the state. I believe the feds have stated they are not going to create one either. So I don't understand how the new federal guidelines about being vaccinated and relaxing distances
  11. And with the looks of RV Trader and various for sale sites, about 50% are now up for sale!
  12. Hey we still get magnets, if you can follow their asinine rules/times to get one!
  13. Reminds me about a trip we took to Maine back in the 70’s. We were going down a road when Bullwinkle came trotting out of the woods and ran along side the passenger side of our convertible Jeep for about a mile. It was bigger than our Jeep. I yelled for my wife to take a picture while she was screaming that she was about to get gored by a moose!
  14. Some counties have lifted bans, but the larger companies have not stopped requiring masks in those counties, WalMart, Costco, Lowe’s, etc.
  15. In 1500 the lowest # sites are the closest. In 2000 there are 2 comfort stations. The mid range #s are near the upper comfort station, and the lowest and highest #s are near the other comfort station near the bus stop.
  16. About 3 weeks ago, they opened more slots for everyone on Oct.1 at MK. I tried to book them, but couldn't because all of our APs will have expired before then. We all plan on renewing, but I wasn't going to purchase tickets just so I could go on that day. Just another change making it harder to go. And on a side note, Busch/SeaWorld are supposedly limiting the amount of guests (you have to make reservations like Disney) but the Busch parking lot was overflowing Saturday when I drove by. We've seen pictures of SeaWorld and they are packed also.
  17. Study: This stretch of I-4 is the most dangerous road in America According to a new study by Teletrac Navman, Interstate 4 between Tampa and Daytona Beach is the deadliest road in America. The study says it averages more than one fatality per mile. Between 2016 and 2019, 150 people were killed in collisions along that stretch of interstate. This is the second time it has earned the dubious distinction. A section of U.S. 192 between Four Corners and Indialantic came in at number 3 on the list.
  18. Like I said in the initial post, there used to be posts about the Fort, Disney, the evil Universal, food, characters, and ones that went off the track so far you had to go back to the original OP to find out what everyone was talking about. There was always something to read and reply to. I miss those days.
  19. We have felt safer on Disney properties with their rules then most other places.
  20. I agree, I just didn't want others to get excited that because Orange is changing their policy that Disney will.
  21. They opened up more slots 2 or 3 weeks ago. I went to get them, and we couldn't because our AP's will be "expired" by then, and it's too early to renew them. So we lost out on getting reservations. I wasn't going to purchase tickets or book an overpriced Disney hotel.
  22. Disney doesn't have to follow relaxed guidelines. We have a county just N of Tampa that did away with the county ordinance about wearing masks last week. I noticed a couple independent stores took down their signs, but Lowes, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart etc still enforce mask wearing.
  23. When I joined the group almost 8 years ago, there were so many different topics and posts on here all the time, that it was hard keeping up with all of them. Over the last couple of years I've seen the amount of posts dwindling, to the point that sometimes it's a day or more before a post is replied to or a new one started. Has everyone gotten so busy that they don't have time to post? Or have people become afraid to voice their opinions or to post anything because someone might take offense or disagree with them? This used to be the go to place for Fort information and eve
  24. ORLANDO (WFLA) — Walt Disney World has updated their website to say guests can begin taking outdoor pictures at their parks without having to wear a face covering. Walt Disney World has had one of the most strict mask policies among private businesses in Florida since reopening last year during the pandemic. Guests aren’t even allowed to enter the park or walk around if their mask is below their nose. Exceptions to Disney’s mask rule have been if guests were swimming or dining. Now, the park is going to allow its guests to temporarily remove their masks to take an outdoor photo, but
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