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  1. Or it's all going to be leveled and turned into a DVC playground!
  2. We've been down here 41 years. First years we were here, it used to rain around 3 or 4 everyday in the summer. Lasted 30 minute to an hour. Temps dropped 10 to 15 degrees and it dried in about a 1/2 hour. Made for a pleasant evening. Over the years the weather patterns have definitely changed. Blame it on global warming, pollution, or paving over all the green spaces in FL with roads and parking lots!
  3. Wonder if this superpass will get you in those nights? Seems like the only stipulation is on Halloween itself.
  4. If you look, I think every night the week of Halloween is listed as unavailable. But 11/1 is open.
  5. We have quite a few of bottles, insulated tumblers, Busch Gardens glasses etc . They are in a heavy duty hanging shoe organizer on the back of the laundry room door. Coolers are 4 Coleman Extremes, one of the thermoelectric coolers that plug into the 12V, and 2 or 3 smaller assorted ones.
  6. For you Toy Story Fans! TOY STORY PIZZA PLANET PLAYMATE MINI 4 QT COOLER Igloo® is excited to partner with DISNEY™ Pixar to bring you a special Toy Story™ Playmate Mini. The limited-edition collaboration features art that recalls the iconic space-themed pizza restaurant frequented by Andy and his toys: Pizza Planet. For grab-and-go convenience, nothing beats this 6-can cooler, featuring our iconic tent-top design in an adventure-ready 4-quart size perfect for a sandwich and a drink or your favorite 6 pack. $29.99
  7. I thought I saw some peacocks peeking out thru the bushes, and I heard some goats bleating!
  8. I don't think 4 Seasons is owned by Disney, it's one of those setups like the Dolphin/Swan, Bonnet Creek etc. But those poor people still have to travel to get to the MK. Imagine waking up and strolling over to the Jungle Cruise at 6:00 am in your jammies while sipping on your $20 fancy coffee. Now that shows you've made it!
  9. They could put the hotel on Tom Sawyers Island!
  10. Yup, another must do for the mommy bloggers and money is no object crowd.
  11. What’s even better are spoonfuls of refrigerated hot fudge sauce!
  12. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/08/14/cookie-dough-food-truck-opens-at-disney-springs Cookie dough food truck opens at Disney Springs All the goodness of cookie dough with, hopefully, none of the danger of salmonella just came to Disney. Disney Springs announced Wednesday the opening of their "Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet Food Truck." Just for today, if you mention their Twitter post you get $2 off. All the Disney blogs have been raving about this truck since last week. The menu promises everything from candy tacos to funnel cakes. 'Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet' will be located just across from Candy Couldron on the West Side in Expostion Park with the other food trucks, and is set for an August 14 2019 opening. The menu line-up includes: Springs Candy Taco – Candy Monster Cookie Dough, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry served in a waffle taco Minnie Mouse Taco – Peanut Butter Fluff Cookie Dough, caramel sauce, whipped cream, a cherry, and a chocolate Minnie bow served in a waffle taco Celebration Parfait – Celebration Cookie Dough with Celebration Mickey cake, vanilla custard, strawberries, whipped cream, and a cherry Mickey or Minnie Funnel Cake – funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and Mickey or Minnie-shaped cookie dough Cookie Dough Cup or Cone – Flavors include Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Fluff, Celebration, Cookies and Cream, Candy Monster, and Cold Brew
  13. Long article so here's the link https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/08/13/here-is-every-theme-park-rumor-that-disney-might-announce-at-next-weeks-d23-expo?utm_source=featurefollow&utm_medium=home&utm_campaign=hpfeatures&utm_content=HomeTopFeature Lots of rumors, guesses, wishful thinking. I copied a couple of the odder ones Here is every theme park rumor that Disney might announce at next week's D23 Expo Disney is going all-in on Marvel with themed lands also in the works for Disneyland Hong Kong (taking over that park’s Tomorrowland) and Disney California Adventure. Hong Kong Disneyland is also getting its own Frozen -themed land and a completely new castle, a first for any Disney park. A new play-themed pavilion, updated entrance plaza, and two new rides have already been announced for Epcot but many other details of the multi-year transformation are expected to be discussed. A whole new hub that will replace the Innoventions buildings is now in the works, with most of the buildings in that area closing in the weeks following D23. At the last D23 Expo, in 2017, a (now believed to be outdated) piece of concept art showing a drastically different Future World was briefly shared. Significant updates to attractions in the Land, Canada, China and France pavilions have also already been announced. Smaller updates, such as the film seen on the Living With the Land boat ride, have been silently updated in recent weeks. Major updates ranging from a new country joining World Showcase to a new hotel have all been rumored as part of Epcot’s redo, but it is unclear whether any of those projects, which are still years away and possibly no longer even happening, will be announced at this year’s expo. If these projects are happening, confirmation may be held back until the next Expo in 2021. That Expo may also be the first to take place in Orlando. Some have speculated that a fifth park (or seventh, if you use Universal's new math) for WDW may also be announced, but so far there has been nothing to indicate that this rumor is anything more than wishful thinking. Much of the focus at the Magic Kingdom will be on the 50th anniversary in 2021, but there are already rumors of post-2021 plans for the park. A small expansion plot behind the Jungle Cruise, where a Moana-themed coaster was once rumored, is supposedly now being looked at for the location of an ultra-exclusive boutique hotel. The hotel would, for the most part, not be visible from inside the park but would provide incredible views into both the park and over the Seven Seas Lagoon. It would have direct access into the park and would offer at least one fine dining establishment. Currently, the concept seems to be nothing more than a blue-sky feasibility study, but with the insane prices rooms at the hotel could demand, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Disney move ahead with the project.
  14. On a side note, I saw a post and of course can't find it now, that Rise of the Resistance was heavily damaged by water flooding into the building because roof drain either weren't in place or improperly installed. The post said a lot of electronics was damaged/destroyed and also some mechanical equipment. Not sure how true it is. Had an overhead picture of the roof, then a diagram of what caused the flooding.
  15. I remember it, and I was 23 in 77 when we made our first Fort and MK visit.
  16. The only update for EWP that I remember is the dinosaur song?
  17. A perfect match between two major companies. Both have become overpriced over the years. $329 and it doesn't include batteries! But I'll admit it is cool. I have the Steamboat Willie model, the entire first set of Disney Minifigs, and a partial set of #2 (I stopped when I got Jack and Sally). I wish I could afford/justify the cost of this and the castle.
  18. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2019/08/12/next-weeks-d23-expo-will-reveal-big-plans-for-walt-disney-worlds-50th-anniversary Next week's D23 Expo will reveal big plans for Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary Posted By Ken Storey on Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 7:13 pm One of the most anticipated announcements at next week’s D23 Expo will be the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration for Walt Disney World. The yet-to-be-announced, resort-wide event is expected to be one of the biggest events the history of Walt Disney World. Industry insider Jim Hill says the company is expecting to sell out every single hotel room throughout the entire resort for the entirety of 2021. According to various insiders, most notably user WDW1974 on the WDWMagic forums, Disney is planning to honor the 50th Anniversary by marketing a list of 50 enhancements across the resort. Some of those will be brand new offerings, like the Skyliner and the two new Epcot attractions, but many of the other ‘enhancements’ will be smaller things added to existing attractions. Hollywood Studios is rumored to be seeing new effects in the Tower of Terror drop shaft, updated dining experiences, and, of course, the new Mickey Mouse dark ride. Epcot will see some of its offerings included in the golden anniversary marketing, but many of its biggest projects aren’t designed to be a part of the anniversary celebration and instead will open in the mid-2020s. It’s rumored that Spaceship Earth may be closed for a significant rehab throughout all of 2021. Animal Kingdom will likely see a new nighttime show, but no significant additions are expected within the next 18 months to two years leading up to the anniversary. Much of the focus of the celebration will be the Magic Kingdom and the Seven Seas Lagoon resorts that opened in 1971. Image via Disney The TRON coaster now under construction will likely be heavily used in marketing for the anniversary. TRON, Epcot’s two new attractions, and DHS’s three new attractions are by far the largest ‘enhancements’ ahead of the 50th, but many smaller improvements are expected as well. At the Magic Kingdom, nearly every single iconic attraction will see some type of enhancement. Big Thunder Mountain is believed to receive the projection mapping in the tunnel scene that Disneyland’s version received a few years ago along with a few other small improvements. Over in Fantasyland, ‘it’s a small world’ will see the addition of the Mary Blair style Disney character dolls that both the Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland versions received in recent years. These characters are added to the existing scenes with the overall attraction seeing no significant change. Across the pathway, Peter Pan’s Flight will also see small enhancements similar to those that the Disneyland version saw ahead of that park’s 60th Anniversary. The Disneyland updates included adding stereophonic sound, an improved nursery scene, a new London scene, Tinker Bell pixie dust projection mapping, and Neverland overview enhancements. Image via Disney Concept art for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway The Walt Disney World Railroad may see some new scenes. The addition of the TRON building will also drastically alter the ambiance of the train ride through the Tomorrowland area. Tomorrowland will see the most significant improvements with the new TRON coaster, a rumored TRON update to the Tomorrowland Speedway, enhanced scenes possibly added to the PeopleMover, and perhaps a new attraction in the space formerly used for Stich’s Great Escape. The Carousel of Progress will likely see a new final scene, new more lifelike animatronics, and a new queue video. A nighttime parade, a new fireworks show, and new floats added to the daytime parade are also all expected, though in recent months the chances of a nighttime parade seem to be less likely as the once retired Main Street Electrical Parade was pulled into service at Disneyland to help draw the locals back to the park. With it now being out of retirement, Disney may opt to use it in Orlando instead of investing in a brand new nighttime parade. The Electrical Water Pageant, which hasn’t been touched since the mid-1970s, is thought to be receiving an overhaul that will be timed with the new pathway currently being built between the Grand Floridian and the Magic Kingdom. This pathway will temporarily block access to the Electrical Water Pageant’s storage facility with Disney using this inconvenience as an opportunity to overhaul the parade adding new floats themed to Moana and The Little Mermaid. Like all anniversary events at Disney, the WDW 50th is expected to last longer than just 12 months. It’s thought that it will begin in early 2021 and continue until the end of September 2022. Of course, a massive celebration is expected to take place on the actual anniversary on October 1, 2021. After the expected confirmation of the anniversary celebration at next weekend’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, Disney will be begin rolling out the updates over the next 18 months.
  19. The pictures I’ve seen it looks like a light colored pit that will be reflecting sun into it from all angles. As the song goes “It’s gonna be hot, hot, hot.”
  20. Disney could've used thousand of those smart drones to hover overhead and move around to block the sun as it moves!
  21. Just bought 5 MNSSHP tickets for 8/30. We were going to be at WDW that weekend anyway, since we have a candy sushi class booked at EPCOT for Sunday. Couldn't pass up seeing the special Jack show at the castle, plus my oldest daughter has never been to a party and my younger one went once way back, when it was about $25 to get in. Last time we went was the Blog Party, so we missed out on some of the normal things to do. I know about trick or treating, the parade and the castle show. And I saw a post that some of the rides are going to have overlays. What else should we be doing?
  22. I read a couple of FB posts mentioning the heat and lack of shade (guess they were trying to make it as authentic as possible). Both people said to make sure you bring plenty to drink, especially for when you get stuck in the predicted long lines. I don't get Disney's thought process. They built Toy Story Land without shade options, and Pandora can get pretty toasty also.
  23. Chick-fil-A’s mac and cheese is officially on the menu nationwide. The fan-favorite chicken chain announced mac and cheese has been added as a side option with any lunch, dinner, Kid’s Meal or catering order at participating locations across the country. The cheesy addition is the first side added to the chain's permanent menu since 2016. “Mac & Cheese is the quintessential comfort food, and something we are so excited to offer our guests at Chick-fil-A. We think it's the perfect pairing with our Original Chicken Sandwich, nuggets and our grilled chicken offerings, but it's also great on its own as a snack,” said Amanda Norris, executive director of menu and packaging. The gooey offering is made using a special blend of cheese including cheddar, parmesan and Romano and is baked fresh each day, according to the company’s blog The Chicken Wire. Chick-fil-A tested its mac and cheese side in limited markets for more than a year before deciding to add it permanently. “We have a very high bar when it comes to adding a menu item,” said Norris on The Chicken Wire, “but the feedback from our customers in the test markets made this decision easy.” The mac and cheese side is available starting today, August 12. Though if you’re looking for something a little more sweet than savory, Chick-fil-A is not done rolling out exciting new options. The fast-food chain announced its Frosted Caramel Coffee, which also is launching today and will be available for a limited time. The caffeinated treat uses Chick-fil-A’s cold-brewed coffee mixed with vanilla Icedream and caramel syrup. It’ll stick around until November 9 or while supplies last.
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