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  1. This may have been answered, but do campers have to be out by a certain time?
  2. "taking away amenities , cheapening fun stuff , not maintaining the area as they did but increasing prices to hotel room rates" Isn't that magical ?
  3. Probably my lack of IT skills but I also only see 3 pix.
  4. That is a shame, always looked forward to reports.
  5. Due to health issues we haven't been to the Fort for a while. Always enjoy reading the trip reports, especially Mr TCD. Hope to see some new ones, with pix, soon. Thanks
  6. At our business we have purchased warning stickers and just put them on everything we ship to CA.
  7. I wanted to revive this thread to see if most fishing at the Fort is still restricted because of the alligator incident?
  8. Sometimes the experience at the cart pickup isn't too magical.
  9. Heading home with a $600 tab thinking you would be just as full if you had hit a drive through.
  10. A trip none of you will ever forget..... Enjoy
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