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  1. Good advice about the golf carts, sometimes the golf cart pick up experience can be less than magical.
  2. Enjoyed this. We only go to The Fort in the spring but this is really cool.
  3. We thought about trying a cabin and really liked the 100 spots. Looped around the cabin spots last year and some areas seemed pretty lonely, our favorite loop is 900 just because it is always lively being close to the center of everything. Jason said you can request 100 but probably won't get it. Which of the cabin loops might be the most "active"? At our age we spend time sitting outside and enjoy watching the kids, etc.
  4. Are there restrictions in the spillway area? Thanks
  5. Line 2 : Keep your mouth shut and do what you're told.
  6. We stayed in 200 3 or 4 years ago, 30' TT with dually, no problems. I would avoid being real close to the entrance as there is a lot of traffic there.
  7. She is part of the Fort lore, hope she is still there, and well.
  8. Eggs do not need to be refrigerated, and in many parts of the world are not.
  9. Mostly referring to weather, has always been great around end of March.
  10. 900 is our favorite, central location, bus stop, etc. Walk to Meadows and pool.
  11. Don't most slides have some sort of emergency slide out cranks? (Ours does) Could you use it once at FW and save your vacation?
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