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  1. Thanks everyone, the folding cane/seat looks like a good possibility.
  2. On our next trip we will have someone with us who needs to stop and rest frequently. Can you bring a folding lawn chair into the parks?
  3. That has always been our route, but it has been a few months, someone should have current info.
  4. The Meadows does have hoses, etc. and the spots do vary. We camped several times with the hoses we had, then had to buy a short water hose this year.
  5. If you have the room, 2 6v golf cart batteries in series is a good upgrade.
  6. I am glad there are no pix of me fishing without permission (once).
  7. If you use the bypass be careful at the south end in the area of the airport, watch signs carefully, it is a little confusing.
  8. Just a general comment on the subject. It is very unusual to hear "my truck is too big" but common to hear "I wish my truck was a little bigger".
  9. We are fairly new to this with 3 weeks at the Fort, but when the subject of longevity comes up usually a lady is mentioned as having been there for a really long time. Is she still there?
  10. Darn, I was going to do it next week, looks like he beat me to it, guess I will just forget about it.
  11. That is some bad stuff. NO vent on the furnace? Might get a really good night's sleep on your first trip.
  12. 3-30/4-4 Loop 800, had a great time. Animal Kingdom, Downtown, Braves game, Trails End lunch, chicken GAG, caught some fish. Special thanks to the cast member in charge of the weather. Note that the overall cart renting experience isn't quite magical. :)
  13. Wonder bread, mustard and baloney, maybe a slice of cheese if I got a little overtime that week. I'm a happy guy.
  14. What time does trek start? Suitable for seniors? Is it usually sold out way ahead? (Be at the Fort in 2 weeks)
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