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  1. Is there a specific time for fireworks? or depends on season?
  2. Fishing, particularly around the spillway, usually very peaceful.
  3. We like 900-1000 loops, good access to Meadows etc.
  4. Is there an established record for number of seperate trips to The Fort?
  5. We really like the 900 loop, good central location.
  6. Is there a chance that they might have actually listened to their customers?
  7. $1.82 This morning in OH, and diesel has finally started dropping.
  8. Something like this subject comes up almost everyday, and I would say just relax, you will get a good spot you can park in, and will have a really great time.
  9. We really like 900, close to bus stop, right across from Meadows. Enjoy
  10. Thank you all, reserve for lunch and cart and we are good.
  11. We spend a week in April at the Fort in our trailer, but we are also going to be in central FL this year the week before Christmas in a car. Is it possible to park in the lot by the gate, catch the buses to Trails End for lunch and see the Christmas decorations, etc? Also if this works, is it also possible to walk up and rent a golf cart for the day without being a "guest"? Thanks
  12. Thanks, we are thinking about a cabin this year in order to drive the car and make some side trips. That would be a great location.
  13. Cabins: We noticed a couple located near the 100 loop and were told they are "private".
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