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  1. Lou Is there bus transportation to the Braves games? Thank you
  2. Not sure where to put this, but Walt's daughter died today in CA. Well known for her philanthropy. RIP
  3. And 114 is a great spot, luv having the private pathway to the Settlement, Dock, and Beach.
  4. Cut piece of 'dog about 1" then push shank of hook up from the bottom until hook is in the 'dog, then attach to line.
  5. I would suggest that if your main interest is time in the parks, but you want to stay in The Fort, take a cabin. If you want to include a camping adventure, then get the RV.
  6. My wife who is a vegetarian, not vegan, went into a restaurant and asked if they had a vegetarian menu, was thrilled when they said "Yes Ma'am, we have a whole vegetarian buffet". They took her outside and let her graze on the lawn.
  7. Maybe they hired the same guys that did the healthcare web site.
  8. Stayed our first week at the Fort and are going back. Looking at annual pass. "Enjoy 365 days of magic. Annual passholders can come and go as they please through all four Theme Parks for an entire year.* Even hop around from Park to Park on the same day, or choose to do even more with a Premium Annual Pass" This is what it says, seems like a really good deal for $609, compared to tickets, hoppers, etc. Do you get some type of hard card just to carry and go wherever you want? Is there a downside? Am I missing something? Thanks
  9. I doubt if anyone was ever disappointed because they had too much truck, but a lot have been if they didn't.
  10. Is there bus transportation to the Braves training camp? Thanks
  11. When you go down the road and see a gazillion people pulling every possible contraption you realize, it can't be that tough.
  12. And the little "private" path to the beach and dock is pretty cool.
  13. Has anyone taken one of the fishing charters? If so, how was it?
  14. We have stopped at the KOA at Wildwood as a staging point for the Fort, decent place and within yards of the highway.
  15. Left north of Dayton OH at 6PM, backed into our spot at the Fort 11:10 am next morning. 2 fuel stops, 1002 miles. Left lane all the way. :laugh:
  16. This is the deadest place on the sight. Has anyone taken one of the charters? Catch any? I fished in April around the spillway area, caught a lot of bluegills.
  17. The good old days are now............Tom Clancy
  18. Has someone actually been there since 2009? or is that a Fort legend?
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