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  1. Somewhere I saw the time from 8/4 until 10/6 listed as a "value period". I assume that means lower rates everyday? We made our first trip to The Fort in April and would like to come back in the fall. Stan
  2. Hope they don't mess up the fishing around the dam.
  3. To follow up, we spent 4 days at the Camper Village, the light house section. Had a great time. The campground is much smaller than The Fort, and lacks the ambience, the light house section is fairly new so some of the trees, etc. aren't fully grown and of course the park isn't Disney, but would recommend it to anyone.
  4. Just did it, drive through in the Lighthouse section. Thanks
  5. We just spent our first week at The Fort and had a great time. This board was a great source on info. Now looking at a summer trip to Cedar Point. Does any body have any comments or advice about the Camper Village or the park? Thanks
  6. I do not have a picture, but it was just past us on 200, we are 209. Around 8PM, no wind, large branch completely opened the left side of the trailer, think everyone is OK. This AM Disney was cleaning up.
  7. We reserved "preferred" spot, so I assume we will be assigned to the 100-300 area? First trip starting 4/8. Stan
  8. I always wanted to meet a girl named Adrian so I could say "Yo Adrian".
  9. Cedar Point is more of a Day Trip instead of a destination, but it is a really great place.
  10. Have been watching this site in preparation for our first trip to the Fort in April. A lot of people mention their favorite spots, but is seems like nobody list 1-2-300 loops. Is there a reason or have I just missed some?
  11. First trip to FW in April. Would appreciate in tips on fishing there. Thank you
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