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  1. Love boiled peanuts. Just tried Fried Peanuts. You can actually eat the whole peanut including the shell. Once you get over the fact that you are eating the shell too they are pretty good. The shell just crunches and falls apart in your mouth. No string shell like roasted peanuts. Of course, you don't have to eat the shell and the fried peanut itself is pretty good too.
  2. I've had 2 vehicles catch fire in my yute. First was a Chevy Blazer, brand new, burnt to the ground while out hunting in the JW Corbett area. I can attest to the fact that once the fuel line catches they go very fast. Doesn't matter how much mud or dirt you try and throw on em. There were three of us hunting and all of our hunting gear when up with the blazer. Still don't really know why other than a fuel leak of some kind. I distinctly remember a bunch of hunters pulling up and one of them was laughing quite hard. I don't know why but I did not think it was very funny. Well, needless to say, Karma hit him quite hard that year. I purchased another blazer after that with the insurance payment but hung 2 fire extinguisher on each side of the cab in this one. Used them both on that one too saving the blazer. We were out 4 wheeling. Fuel leaked on the headers. Well, I traded it in for a GMC Step Side pick up. Was done with blazers. This was back in the 70's. Fires extinguishers are a good thing.
  3. I would think that driving on Tundra would be much easier than trying to tow with it but it appears many are doing it as long as it is the crewmax type tundra.
  4. They only serve up African foods in those bee traps...
  5. Well, coming from the GF we can expect site prices to rise. Tent sites will be $167.00 a night...any site. Surcharge of $30.00 a night for each tent over 1. Full sites will be $234.00 a night for a Road View. $247.00 a night for easy comfort station access. $277.00 with a canal view and $297.00 for a wilderness view. There will be no extra charge for Bus stop views. Rates are for 1 RV. Tent surcharge applies for each tent used in addition to RV. Preferred sites are $25.00 more a night in each category above. Premium sites are an additional $50.00 above the Preferred rates in each category above. Sites in the 900 loop directly behind the lift station will receive a $25.00 nightly discount when the wind is blowing from the east and no fires or outdoor cooking will be allowed during this period.
  6. Stayed in site 904. Never again. It is located right behind the "Lift Stations" and the direction of the wind was not pleasant at times. Site was easy to get into and great for a large rig but if the wind is blowing out of the east...
  7. Yepper!! Had to buy milk on our recent Nov. 7th trip and it was $2.49 I believe for a 1/2 gallon which is not far off from your standard grocery store price.
  8. I have done both and On-Line check in is quicker once you get to the actual booth where you check in but only because they have everything ready when you pull up...but only if you do not make any changes. I also fax my site request in 5 days earlier and then do online check in 1 or 2 days before and have gotten my 1 site pick 3 out of 5 times. The on line check in line is not dedicated as said by TCD so the wait in line may not be any faster. Just the actual check in itself.
  9. It is pronounced "boilt Peanuts" in Alabama where I stop and getz me some. I prefer the spicy ones. Good stuff!
  10. I am not sure of the cost of that strap but it looks nice. A bino strap would work well too and is similiar just not as wide as the safari strap above. I use the bino straps for my binoculars while hunting.You can find them at Walmart or your favorite hunting store in price ranges from about $10.00 and up. I plan on getting the same for my new Upgrade Toy and am waiting for it's arrival today as I type. I ordered the new Nikon D5200. Decided to spend the extra bucks for the advanced focus system over the D5100. Looks like we both gots some learnin' to do.
  11. We switched from Good Sam to CoachNet as Good Sam would not change out the inside tire on my dually...only the outside tire when we needed them. Had them give me a complete refund and said bye bye. Not sure if AAA is the same way.
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