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  1. braunshwieger (liver sausage) is an awesome way to give a pill. congrats on the new pup! he has found a great home. chicken and rice is really the best way to solve the upset tummy (if that's all it is). if you are feeding him a food that he wasn't on-it could be the problem too. you can try feeding a little less food at a time/more often. we have to do this with barkley. he needs to be paced when he does eat. he will toss up his food if - he eats too soon after we get home, he is excited to travel with us (very hard not to show we are leaving-with them), or we yell at the dogs to be quiet just after they eat. we watch and learn-you will to.
  2. I have heard good things about this Jellystone. Thanks for letting us know the name has changed.
  3. http://www.berrylandcampers.com/pop-up-campers/chalet/chalet-1935-pop-up-camper-n725143.html we saw some these last year. at least they have a ceiling bump out.
  4. yeah, i don't know about that one either.. :o :rotfl6: I am taking this one back and will wait and see what I can find that is just a timed slow cooker. One that goes to keep warm.. i will have to make sure i don't get the one that shits down. i'd have to cook with it in stall #2 :tounge-smiley:
  5. I was thinking the flavor may not be very good for steamed meats. Doing vegies and rice would be alright. But I want my meal done. I really want a slow cooker with a timer. No, but here it is. lol I didn't even think about the link. I was just wondering if anyone had it. :) http://www.amazon.com/Aroma-20-Cup-Digital-Steamer-Stainless/dp/B0055FSN0Y/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1443274729&sr=1-2&keywords=aroma+rice+cooker+steamer I have cooked meals in the oven with rice. But, I think I'm going to skip this one. It was only $35. I am looking more for a slow cooker that has a timer on it and will switch to warm after the time is up. I wasn't looking for a steamer or rice cooker but thought it may be a neat thing to have. The cooking times for steaming and rice are very short so, those won't work on weekdays. I'm just going to keep looking. I will find a timer slow cooker (only) that isn't too expensive sooner or later. Thanks-you have helped me decide I don't need a steamer. Maybe someday a rice cooker but for now I will just keep looking for a timer slow cooker.
  6. We've been looking for a timed slow cooker and found this one at walmart. I'm not sure about it. It can cook rice and meals. I'm wondering if anyone has this and how they like it. Any recipes to share. The normal slow cooker part isn't the issue. Its the rice cooking and making a full meal with rice that I question. Can all the meat, vegies go right in with the rice and cook it like it says?? Just want some honest opinions about this pot..
  7. definitely ask at check in and keep asking. i would think there would be a good chance. things happen and people have to cancel.
  8. it's probably parked on some acreage back in the woods and those folks will never see it again. sorry it was stolen but its true.. consider it gone.
  9. a box of yellow or white cake mix 2 eggs 5 T butter-melted 2 C chocolate chips (mini) or m&m's mix together - spread in 9x13 pan cook at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. omg... these are delish!! and so easy.
  10. very sorry to hear of your loss of George. many of us know all too well, what you are going through. when you need to talk we are here to listen. cherish the memories.
  11. all i can say is check out Cabelas. i've seen some that are really close to what the fort has. expensive but, they are cool.
  12. the best trips aren't planned. bumps in the road can make the trip even better! safe travels and have a great time! :thtray:
  13. i think everyone posted good comments. but one thing missed was that smaller dogs tend to live a long life. you need to be in it for the long run. my bichon girls are going on 15 yrs old this september and have just started showing their age. just saying...
  14. gasbuddy...not just for traveling-- i use it at home, too.
  15. we have ramps in each room of our house. both couches and the bed have them. i had to put a night light at the end of the bed because at night it was too dark for louise to use it. she is much better not that the light is there. mh---well, we just lift them in and out. but, my girls are under 17 lbs. i know the pig guy uses a ramp for the pig to go in and out of his mh.
  16. Can't forget... go to the Flaming Gorge in Utah. Another favorite place. If you camp at the top there are less people and the views are spectacular.
  17. Here’s some information about Devils Lake State Park. This is another favorite place for many of us. There are no motorized boats on the lake and a lot of people go scuba diving here. There is an Indian Burial Ground at the bottom of the lake-so, I’ve been told. J http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Lake_(Wisconsin) Here are a few pics of the bluffs on this site. You can hike, bike and rent a canoe if you would like. It’s really awesome in the fall. http://www.travelwisconsin.com/state-parks-forests/state-parks/devils-lake-state-park-204185 Here’s a video of Door County. It’s another great place to visit. Fish Creek has a great fish boil you could go to. They have you come in and watch them cook out back over a fire and then you go inside to eat your dinner. There are cherry wine and fish markets to go to. I also think you could find someone that does fishing excursions. We don’t do them. You can also take a ferry over to Washington Island-which is at the top of Door County. https://youtu.be/rHfNHZWxCMM https://store.dcwine.com/winery/?age-verified=4ffe348a6b A good place to stay is Peninsula State Park. Biking is very popular here. You used to be able to rent scooters in the nearby town. I’m not sure if they still do. http://wisconsinstateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/peninsula-state-park/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=WI&parkId=60032 Most of our state parks are good to stay at. You won’t get sewer or water hook-up but, they all have dump stations and water where you can refill your tank. We have a lot of Indian Casinos. I know the one in Wisconsin Dells has camping (I think they have full hook-ups). This is at a casino so don’t expect much. If you google all these campgrounds you can see what they look like. This isn’t my kind of camping but, if you want a break from the road and want to do some gambling I think it’s a good option. Just click on Wisconsin Dells and over resorts you should see RV. http://www.ho-chunk.com/ We’ve also got Miller Brewing and Sprecher in Milwaukee. I believe both have tours. If you get over to just under Door County, we have the Manitowoc Maritime Museum. This is neat to see also. They even have reservations for overnight stays in the sub-if you’re interested. J http://www.wisconsinmaritime.org/index.php
  18. Sorry you missed Dinosaur. We got to stop there on one of our trips and it was really neat. Definitely worth going to go and I would even go back again. If you go to Mt Rushmore you have to go and I would recommend stay at Custer State Park. It is by far a favorite of mine. I could spend a week there. We have seen so many animals there and the tunnels in the park are awesome to drive through. You can view Mt Rushmore from many of their lookouts. Lets see if I can help out with this one.. http://visitchippewafallswi.com/events/oktoberfest Yes, Leinenkugel is located in Chippewa Falls, Wi. It should be near where you are planning on coming into Wisconsin. This is one event they are holding. I also believe they do tours. Here's the schedule for the Octoberfest which is in September--lol http://visitchippewafallswi.com/events/oktoberfest/schedule I will get back with more.. I just don't want to get kicked off and loose what I want to post. So, here are some ideas so far for you.
  19. awesome ride! glad you found the deal you were looking for. :thumbsup3:
  20. Im trying to post a pic from the phone and it isnt working .
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