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  1. Roto Rooter is not very exciting! ;-) But probably very likely. And I agree - busy weekend! We got a site in the 1100 loop we aren't too fond of and they couldn't move us to anyplace else in the 1100, 1200, or 1300 loop without sending us to overflow and having us wait it out. This was around 11 on Friday morning. And I agree - overflow lot was packed all weekend. Also, I'm a Fort n00b but let me ask you folks this: there was a Winnebago Adventurer (I think) Class A backed up against the road in overflow seemingly all weekend with it's bedroom slide popped out. Camping in overflow? If not, what gives? Just curious!
  2. We were looping around 4pm and they had security folks out blocking the left lane of the main road from about the first four way stop up to the first set of loops. Security directing traffic and a few "suits" just sort of standing around. Couldn't figure out what the deal was. No visible car accident / animals / murder victim / hostage situation / etc. Couldn't figure it out.
  3. Thanks to all for the info and encouragement! We had a bit of a generator issue at the get-go so got a later start than anticipated. Ended up arriving at the Fort Friday morning around 11:30 but went straight to the 1300 loop. Nice loop! We were happy campers all weekend long for sure. Sad to be home!
  4. My wife and I are long time Disney freaks but will be arriving to stay for the first time at Fort Wilderness this coming Friday in our new-to-us motorhome! Huzzah! We are just a few hours south, so over the last few years when we stay in the Disney hotels, we usually arrive pretty early - like 8am early - and the room is 99.9% of the time ready. How does this play out at the Fort? Am I setting myself up for the overflow parking lot if I get there that early this weekend? Thanks for helping out a n00b.
  5. Thanks for the advice. We are looking at the Greyhawk 29ks but it's our first RV and my wife is more comfortable going smaller. With the Greyhawk I don't see how this matters because the "small" one is still almost 29 feet long but has a corner bed and the tiny bath of a much smaller unit. For almost the same price it seems we can get a more traditional layout with an island queen, etc. if we go just a teensy bit bigger - 30-33 feet. Still small in my book. :-) Really like the Jaycos. LOVE the Seneca but a bit out of our budget right now. The Greyhawk is right at the top (my wife may suggest a bit OVER the top). We were originally looking at the new Redhawk that is more "entry level" but still really nice. Saw a couple of Greyhawks at a local RV show and fell madly in love.
  6. Do you have to call to book in order to use AAA or is it an option someplace when booking online? We're AAA members already as well. Does the AAA work year round?
  7. My wife and I are getting itchy trigger fingers and about to purchase our first motorhome. We keep coming back to the various floorplans of the Jayco Greyhawk. We're open to just about any of them, from the "tiny" 26ds all the way up to the longer units. Wondering if any of you Fiends are camping in Greyhawks and have opinions, pros/cons, etc.
  8. Hi Folks! My wife and I are new RV'ers - in fact, we don't even own an RV yet. We've spent the last year researching and getting ready, and are finally in the process of getting a small motorhome (probably this Summer, possibly as late as next Fall). So with that out of the way, a quick question for the Pros: We are HUGE Disney fanatics and go up on our seasonal passes probaly 6-8 times each year between September and March so we're all about the Passholder discount for hotels. There is literally always an annual passholder discount available on the resort properties but I noticed when I went in this morning to look for the Campground rates, only the cabins were listed. I swear though that in the past I'd specifically seen Campsites in addition to the cabins listed in the AP discount page. What gives? Is there an annual passholder discount for the campsites at FW? Does it just come and go with the seasons (i.e. there's no discount through May since it's busy right now)? Thanks for the information (on this thread AND via the immense amount of lurking I've done here since seeing many of the Fort Fiends' yard signs when we looped on foot during Christmas 2011 and '12 at the Fort.
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