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  1. Hello from a fellow MD'er... ON our trips down we've done Pedro's. Wife didn't love it. We've done the KOA in Lumberton, NC. Just fine. Small but clean and well kept. Twice now we've stopped overnight at the Hampton Inn in Santee, SC because they have RV sites where you can plug in 20amp while you stay at the hotel.
  2. I have nothing of value to add, just wanted to say hi from a fellow Eastern Shore person! Hello from Preston!
  3. Im in. Is the new truck dreamy? So jealous you're able to make these short trips. Look forward to hearing more...
  4. I'll go ahead and cop out as a wrap up. We had a lot fun, made a lot of wonderful memories and cannot wait to get back. We are planning our next trip entirely too far from now, but its what our schedule and budget allows. I hope to read more form all of you very soon. Happy camping y'all! Mike
  5. We stayed at this location on the way home from our most recent trip. It worked out quite nicely. Its a little over 500 miles from WDW, and a little over 400 miles from there to our home. So we left FW at around 7ish, arrived at this KOA around 4ish. Mostly pull thru sites, very clean and well run. Nice pool, and town was only a couple of miles away so a short drive yielded a tasty dinner that someone else cooked 🙂 Bathhouses were very nice and sparkling clean. Now it is a KOA, so not many trees, sites are close. But we were there to relax, sleep and stretch our legs. So f
  6. Same. I only did it once on our recent trip, but I was able to order and wait briefly while my wife and youngest stalked for tables at the Pizza place in AK. Awesome pizza, nowhere near enough tables. Mobile ordering was amazing because the lines were out into the park!
  7. And when I say sleeping in, we didn't wake up until around 9 that next morning. It was wonderful. A slow start, some breakfast...we even went to the quiet pool for about an hour. Then back to the camper for some lunch and off to HS. We started off with the Aerosmith coaster, its my absolute favorite. We also checked out the short film attraction and did Muppets 3D. Since we were there a week before TS land opened, there wasn't as much to do in HS, but no crazy wait times either. We did Midway Mania on standby and grabbed Star Tours on a short standby. From there we headed back
  8. Thanks everyone! So our first night was MK. We finally got into the park after dinner, but thanks to Travis, we now had 5 fast passes. So we rode seven dwarves, big thunder, space ranger spin, peter pan and Jungle Cruise. We snagged some ice cream at the Plaza Cafe and went back to the camper and passed out. We were exhausted. The next morning we had a fast pass for Test Track, so we went to Epcot, rode it, turned around and came back to the fort to move our camper. Once we did that we grabbed a bite to eat in the rig then headed back to Epcot. We still had fast passes f
  9. Thankfully we did make it to the Fort safe and sound. We were a full day late, but thankfully we had a 7 day stay booked, and we really only missed about a half a day in the parks. The "fun" continued however, as we were crawling down I-4 in the Orlando stop and go, I started hearing a no good metallic noise, kinda grinding, kinda squeaking. It has since been diagnosed as a brake issue on the truck, nothing catastrophic. We made it to check in, were given a site in the 100 loop, which is our preference since we spend more time in MK than any other park, and love the convenience
  10. Howdy y'all. My family and I are home now from an unforgettable WDW trip, and not necessarily for all the right reasons. I cannot do a full trip report as we just don't take as many pics as the average fiend. We departed out home on the eastern shore of Maryland at 5:20 am, Wednesday June 20. Around 7:20 am, we had a gentleman in a Jeep Wrangler flagging us down yelling "Your Wheel". So I immediately pulled to the shoulder, on I-95/495 split and looked for an issue. And boy we had an issue. I didn't notice anything on the passenger side. Once I came around the back of the rig, I foun
  11. Fantastic trip report, start to finish. 3 things... 1. $20 for 3 breakfast sandwiches, and thats why we stay in the fort and eat almost all of our meals in the camper. 2. Everything is better with bacon 3. That squirrel pic is awesome. Well done sir. And yes, a cruise sounds dreamy.
  12. I lack for quality campsite decor as well. I need to step up all my games it seems.
  13. That's very scary...every campers nightmare. And it also makes me wonder how many millions of hours of uneventful go pro footage is there now that everyone seems to have one in their cars, on their motorcycles etc.
  14. I downloaded RV Parky. Seems pretty cool, apple only though. Just like the mention above me it shows walmart, flying j's, cracker barrels as well as campgrounds.
  15. We've yet to get a golf cart, so we have totally missed out on the joys of looping. Something we'll need to consider in the future. Great update btw.
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