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  1. We are long time Fort campers but usually pull our camper down. We will be first timers staying in one of the cabins in September and need some advice. We LOVE the campsites that sit along the canal. We have so many great memories of watching the wildlife along the canal each day from these sites. I was wondering if any of the cabins have a good view of the canal. I do see that a few of the cabins along the 2300 loop sit on the canal but I can't tell from pictures or videos if you can even see the water. Has anyone stayed in a cabin along the canal? What was it like? Could you actually see the
  2. We have friends hoping to join us at the fort this fall. Where is the best place to rent a camper for them? Also, anybody have recommendations for renting a golf cart? Has anyone had a great experience or a terrible experience renting either to share?
  3. We just combined 2 sites at the fort into one and canceled the ones we no longer needed. If anyone is looking for a tent or premium reservation between Nov. 7-22, check out the site. Our canceled reservations should be showing up soon!
  4. Ok.so I know you guys probably get tired of loop/site advice BUT I have another one for you! We will be camping at the fort for 2 weeks in November. We have reserved a premium site but will have a family of 5 in a small to medium travel trailer so a loop with a comfort station is a must. Our next priority is nature. We are a family of nature LOVERS! We really want a site as wooded as possible and would LOVE to be on the canal. So far, we have not had many problems backing the camper into MOST spots so hopefully that will not be an issue. As I researched fortfriends for HOURS yesterday, watche
  5. Does anyone have any tips or secrets on how to get a last minute reservation at the Fort? We currently have a small pop up and made our reservation on the tent/pop up loops over a year ago BUT my parents just bought a camper and would like to join us. It would make the trip SO much more special for ALL of us! All full hook ups seemed to be booked. I have checked online AND called with no luck so far. We will be there from 11/7 - 11/22..any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks guys!
  6. Hi Everyone! I have a question and hope that someone has some experience with the issue and could help me out. I have read that some of the fort wilderness sites can have a camper and tent combo as long as there are less than 10 people at a site and there is a charge of $2 per adult after the first 2. My in-laws have a small pull behind camper and we have a TINY pop up camper (Coleman Taos). We most likely would not even need to plug the pop up in...will do most down time in the camper and only need the pop up for sleeping. Wondered if we could put the two together on the same site? Does
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