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  1. I did not "buy" it (unless you count the cost of the trip) but hands down my favorite is my spike.
  2. For fleas and ticks, we bath our dogs about once a month during the summer using Pert shampoo (or the Walmart generic). I was skeptical when someone told me about it, but that has kept the fleas and ticks under control and kills the few ticks they do pick up. Out on the farm in Kentucky we do have ticks, and this works for us.
  3. I started working on my second million this week..I've given up on the first million, and am going straight for the second!
  4. We have done both. One of our dogs does great in teh camper alone, but one is getting old and cries the whole time. We hate to have him making noise and bothering others, so we have used both the old on-site and the "new" kennels. We were pleased and impressed with the new folks. Missed the old place, but the new place was very nice, and took good care of Scamper. He seemed to enjoy being where he could see and hear other dogs, and did fine.
  5. We love the EWP, but purely in memory of Lou's inolvment: "Who cares?" :laugh: :facepalm:
  6. Not a fan of the social media craze, but the times they are a changin'....Quick, without looking, do you know the current cost of a postage stamp? When was the last time you mailed a letter? Not a package, a letter....
  7. Welcome, Brian! Glad to have more Kentuckians here! We also hate going through Atlanta, but I just try to time it at night, and DW takes extra books to read while I drive through!
  8. Good to know! Aloe works well, but we have not found a prepared version that works well. Been told it has to be "cold processed", whatever that means. We keep an aloe plant in the kitchen window and clip off a small piece to squeeze juice from when needed. Works much better than anything we have bought.
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