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  1. I know people say staying offsite is cheaper but for us the small savings just doesn't beat the convenience of staying onsite, especially at the fort. For families where everyone will be together every moment of their time at the parks then I can see how staying offsite would work but for our family it would be a pain in the neck. Some nights my husband and I want to go off on our own without our teens, sometimes our teens don't want to get up for rope drop or want to hang out and swim. All these things are possible because we are onsite. Plus we spend most of our park time at MK or Epcot when we are at the Fort and both of those are pretty simple for even the most dippy teenager to figure out. We've vacationed lots of places and Disney is still a really good deal.
  2. We saw her by the flag pole in January, my daughter was quite happy, so we waited and got a photo with her.
  3. Was looking at this earlier, he definitely has some vision. I've seen a lot of bus conversions, this one was well done. I especially like that he has done with the windows, the diffused light is wonderful.
  4. A lot of higher end resorts have these types of restrictions. We have a 5 year old hybrid and have seen where hybrids are not allowed. Also there are places that only allow rigs of certain ages. I have no problem with these restrictions as long as they are upfront about it, I personally have no desire to go where I am not wanted. Personally though I wouldn't want to stay at a place that was so fussy because I imagine they are uptight about everything and that's not what I want when I am vacationing.
  5. I am a total sci-fi geek, I would totally go for this, heck my boys would want to go multiple times.
  6. I really look forward to when I have less kids at home so we can do visit some of the awesome resort at WDW. Honestly we rarely do more than one sit down meal, it's just not in the budget when you are feeding 7 people. Anyhow I love reading all about the different restaurants and some day I look forward to eating at some of them.
  7. Ummmm…I don't even know what this is and I don't think I want to.
  8. Oh, I didn't know that, I have an ULTA about 5 minutes from my house. Yay!
  9. You can also hop to some of the other resorts, use Disney transportation, ride the monorail around. Take a bus down to Downtown Disney. There is so much to do without heading into the parks.
  10. Wow! How violating, thieves suck. But seriously I wouldn't even think of something like that happening. My neighborhood has an issue with copper theft but I never even though of the power cord, as there are very few campers here. I think I will go unplug my trailer. Sorry this happened to you.
  11. Ugh! I just don't get how this happens, sheer incompetence.
  12. It is apparently called a Rapido Folding Caravan. My brain is too fried today to do too much research but alas at least you have a name.
  13. We've been to the Grand Canyon several times, heck we even camped there for our honeymoon. We took the kids on a camping trip about 6 years ago when we still lived out west. We have not made it to Yellowstone yet, funny thing though is that our oldest son moved out west for school in the fall and went his second weekend there. We are hoping to make the drive out in a few years. I absolutely love going out west. Last summer we drove from Ohio to Washington then onto Oregon, then down to Idaho and Utah and then home. It was a trip of a lifetime. We had planned on doing Yellowstone on that trip but even with two weeks we just didn't have enough time.
  14. The thing is so many of these flavored things just don't contain anything real, that goes for so many different flavors and that's why so many things taste like chemicals or candles or feet.
  15. It does seem to make a huge difference. We have a diesel and diesel prices vary far more that unleaded prices.
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