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  1. We just booked a 6 day trip for Oct. 2015 during Halloween. For a room only reservation, you only need to put down $ for one night. This will be our first time being there on Halloween itself. Really looking forward to it.
  2. Well, we made it. Orlando traffic at rush hour sucks even without pulling a 39' 5th wheel. Anywho, when we showed up, they assigned us site 111. Well, we weren't going to fit on that. They upgraded us to a premium site on the 1000 loop. No charge. When we got to the site, CM Dave Rogers showed up and helped back us in. He was great. Disney magic is alive and well at The Fort.
  3. We traded in our TT for a 5er earlier this year. We have only taken it out once for the shakedown trip to get used to setting everything up and finding some minor punch list things to be repaired by the dealer. Our first extended trip will be next month at the Fort.
  4. We will be there the Dec. 5th thru the 10th and plan to take the bus to DD when we go. My F-350 dually is like parking a battleship in a bathtub.
  5. Does that oxidizing hole guy on the place that shall not be named number all of his conversations when talking face to face? Really annoying.
  6. I'm actually kind of surprised you were able to make a last minute reservation to Fort Wilderness for Halloween. Have a great time.
  7. You should be fine without a golf cart. They are nice to have, but not necessary to get around. Typically, golf carts carry four adults fine. If you need to carry three children and a double stroller, safety might be an issue. Disney transportation can get you wherever you need to go. If your children are old enough, I'd bring bicycles.
  8. We own a 2011 F350 Crew cab dually. Best truck I've ever owned. We pull a Keystone Montana 5er that is 38' long like it's not even back there.
  9. We bought our Sunnybrook from Peco Campers. Nothing but good things to say about them.
  10. I guess I will find out when we show up in Dec. not gonna worry about it.
  11. I know it really isn't that big of a deal and a lot of people don't really use it, but has anybody had problems being able to check in on-line? We are eligible but, I keep getting an error msg after the last step. If I can't do it, no biggie. Any suggestions, comments or amusing anecdotes?
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