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  1. We have been lucky to get sites next to each other or across from each other when we have had our reservations linked with friends as traveling together. Whoever checks in first makes sure to check that they know we are traveling together. We have had to pass on a preferred site or loop to get sites next to each other. It all depends on the time of year you are going.
  2. She doing well, on the way to recovery. She's hanging in there and the prognosis is good. We took a little trip between surgeries. Thanks for asking.
  3. Thank you so much Ray and thank your friend. We we're going to wait another week to head home but my grandfather want to leave sooner. This info makes me a little more comfortable heading back.
  4. Calling all Fiends, we left for Texas the Saturday before Michael hit have had a nice trip but now we need to head home. Wondering the road conditions and availability of diesel along I10 through the panhandle. We will probably be heading home in a day or two and have been having a hard time getting any info other than that I10 is open. Also are there any other routes that may be better to take to avoid the panhandle? Will be towing the trailer. Thank you ahead of time, trip report to follow.
  5. They forgot drinking around the world. Give them a sip in each country, then mom and dad can have a relaxing evening. Yes I'm joking
  6. It is a great area although I might be a little biased having been born and raised there. I will admit the whole area has become much more touristy and built up compared to what it used to be, but still retains some of it's old Florida charm.
  7. Great trip report, glad you were able to do it and had a safe memorable trip. Even with the trailer troubles nothing can beat spending time with your family and sharing those experiences. Thank you for sharing them with us. As far as kids remembering, my grandparents and/or my mom took me traveling in the summers growing up. I can honestly say I don't remember all of the things we did or saw, but I do have many memories of the trips. Some more random memories of spending time with them as opposed to memories of actual places we visited (ie. My great aunt teaching me to roll down a hill after my grandpa had to teach me how to walk up a hill, don't laugh this is a real problem for Florida raised kids....). I only wish as I got older I had continued to travel with them, but as a teenager spending time with friends seemed more important. Now as an adult my lists of places I want to travel to includes many of the places I remember going as a child to see them through the eyes of an adult. I definitely caught the travel/rving bug from those trips as a kid and if or when I have kids I plan to do the same with them.
  8. Tell him that takes all the "FUN" out of it. (I said the same thing after we did our kitchen walls similar to that)
  9. Also in Bradenton just s few blocks from DeSoto is Robinson Preserve there are nice walking paths and a observation tower. You can bring your own kayaks or rent them on Manatee Ave on the way to the beach and kayak back through the mangroves. In Cortez is the Florida Maritime museum on 119th street it's small but worth checking out if you're in the area, gives a good idea what life was like in a small fishing village from when the first settlers came down from the Carolinas thru to the present day. Captain Kim is also worth checking out for boat/eco tours around Cortez. Tide Tables and Star fish Company are the restaurants I'd most recommend, both are very laid back/come as you are type places run by locals who were born and raised in Cortez. Star is located in part of a old fish house and located next door to a working fish house. Tide Tables is located right on the intercoastal waterway and actually occupies the building we ran our party fishing boats out of for 25 years before moving to the north side of the bridge and later getting out of the business. If you like to fish check out Captain Sam with Legend Fishing Charters. On Bradenton beach Gulf Drive Cafe is a great place to have some food and/or drinks and enjoy the sunset or watch the kids play on the beach and in the water. In Bradenton is the South Florida museum and Bishop planetarium. Formally the home of Snooty the Manatee. Nice little museum and planetarium. Also in Bradenton is Manatee Village Historic Park. Another nice little museum that is free. If you go here and they have any sugarcane syrup I definitely recommend buying some and not just because my cousin makes it. He grows harvests and processes all of his own cane and boils it down over a old fashioned boiler to produce the syrup. In Palmetto is Gamble Plantation the only surviving plantation house in South Florida. The grounds are nice for a picnic and the tours give a good history of the area from that time. If you're not into the museum's and history Anna Maria Island ( which encompasses the cities of Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and Anna Maria Island) offers beautiful beaches, shopping, jetski and boat rentals all in a laid back atmosphere. There is a free trolley that runs the length of the island. Coquina beach offers a lot of shaded parking with picnic areas, restrooms, and RV parking (day use only) with a trolley stop close by. If you're coming to the area for more than a day there are a good amount of campgrounds/RV parks in the area and lots of hotels and rentals. Just remember the closer to the beach the more you pay and in the winter plan far ahead as most campgrounds fill up with snowbirds and the prices go up.
  10. Oh I wasn't paying attention, didn't realize you'd already done it, thought it was an inspiration photo. I like the wood on the wall! Did you screw or attach them together so they hang as one piece or each hung individually?
  11. Very cool. Would also be cool with some succulents planted in them.
  12. So went to my brother's house the other day and my sister-in-law had bought one of these, along with all the extras including beach tires. From talking with her there seem to be a few companies selling them but only 2 are approved for use at Disney. They must have a 5 point restraint system in them to be approved by Disney, per her. I haven't been in the parks with a ton of them yet but seeing one in person I do think it would be better than the dreaded double wide strollers and folds up as small or small then they do. Although once you add the cooler and everything else maybe not. Seems like they are the new must have thing though. She bought 2 because she couldn't decide what color she wanted. When they arrived she picked the color then sold the other on Facebook the same day for 60.00 more than she paid.
  13. Yes it will. I'm already wondering how many sweaty people were standing around staring while that picture was taken, golf carts going by, kids screaming, people walking by from the busses unloading....... So very romantic!
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