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  1. Howdy all! Was just able to book a site for next week Dec 19-21. Was wondering if anyone has a pic of this months recreation calendar? Or if a dates been announced for the Golf Cart parade? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Going over to the horse barn, and seeing the massive Clydesdales. Making coffee and breakfast on our camping cook stove each morning. Watching the deer, turkeys, and other wildlife seamlessly live amongst the campground "Window shopping" at the general stores, and seeing what new items have come out since our last visit. Who am I kidding, probably not free, considering we always leave with something! Looping during the holidays! Last but not least, That first beer after setting up the campsite, and sitting back in my Gator chair, listening to all the sounds FW has to o
  3. Unfortunately they are staying in a cabin, and there is no room at the Inn, as they say. I would look to tent camp... Might just go ahead and give it a shot. thanks
  4. Is booking then waiting to cancel at Check-in a better option?
  5. Dawa Bar @ Animal Kingdom. All the Bloody Mary's are great, and they mix a mean margarita. When the band is going, arguably my favorite bar in WDW. Crockett's Tavern @ the Fort has a full service bar that you can order your own drinks or any number of Disney's concoctions. Cant go wrong with the Mules. Tune-in Lounge @ Hollywood Studios. Dad's electric lemonade is quite good on a hot day. If you have a sweet tooth, they make a PB&J milkshake that quite good, and vanilla vodka can be added to make it even better. Rose &Crown in the UK @ Epcot is awesome and authentic. The
  6. Good Morning All, I have a question for all the site availability experts out there. As we all know by know sites rarely show up as available for one or two nights, but if you add a few extra nights to the end they magically appear. My question is, will these sites ever open up for just one or 2 nights the closer you get to the specified time? It seems ridiculous that they would leave a site open in order to save. My dilemma is for this weekend, I have some family staying at the Fort this weekend, and I would like to join for Saturday night. There is a tent site available if I m
  7. Hello, Full of questions today... So, like many, I used to be able to "beat the system" and find in high demand nights by searching for a full week or so, booking the whole trip, and then going back and cancelling the unwanted nights. IE. only keeping the weekend days. Yesterday, I was able to book 6 nights on the for the second week of October, and called Disney to remove some of the unwanted nights. The lady on the phone told me that she could not adjust it, but needed to contact some higher ups, and they took take care of it, and this normally takes 24 hours. I go on today to find that
  8. Good Afternoon all, I managed to find a "preferred campsite" for the second weekend of Halloween. I'm sure this question has been asked before, and potentially by me; Is tent camping okay on preferred sites, or are they typically used for RV's? Any input is welcomed. ECK
  9. Thanks for the quick responses, and thanks Yvonne!
  10. Howdy, For our annual Christmas (tent) camping trip, we normally board them at "Best Friends". But this year we will have our first non-furry child with us (we are expecting our first baby any day now), so we rented a cabin. My question is, Does anyone know if the cabins at FW are pet friendly? thanks, best regards, ECKusch
  11. How early did you send the fax? Is multiple faxes good, bad, annoying, helpful?
  12. Thanks for all the advice! But during all these discussions, I was able to find an opening for a "Tent or Popup" site for the same time period. I went ahead and booked it, and cancelled the previous "Preferred" site. Now I just need to do whatever I can to get in the 1500 Loop. Thanks again!
  13. Haven't ever really noticed generator sounds from RV's, etc. But will I notice the noise sleeping in a tent next to one?
  14. Hello Fellow Fiends, I have a reservation for 2 nights in a preferred loop (Dec 19-21), and I will be tent camping. Am I going to be the "little guy" on the block? Is there ever tents in the 100, 200, or 300 loops? Thanks!
  15. Thanks WBI, Mo, and TCD... Being that they all seem to have there own Pros, and being that each of you recommended/voted for different ones, I'm going to leave it up to chance, and be happy with whatever they assign me. Thanks again for the info, and hope to see some or all of you on my next visit!
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