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  1. We're here at the Fort now and heard from a CM last night that there is a lost dog from Loop 600. She is a Chihuahua and her name is Lucy. Her people arrived last night and apparently when they opened up the door, she bolted. As the mother of two pups, I am heartbroken for these folks. If you're here right now, please keep an eye open for Lucy. Oh - The CM said small dogs can be picked up by hawks...? I looked at my five pound Poodle and gulped a bit.
  2. GPoppins

    Fort for One Month?

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts. We are Annual Passholders so we would have the opportunity to go to the parks as we wanted. I think I jinxed us though - the day I posted this question was the first time that I checked on availability and it was not available. ? I had checked time and time again up until then and it was always available... Anyone know any travel agents who book the Fort?!
  3. We're seriously considering staying at the Fort for the month of November. We are not full-timers and have made maybe 10 or so trips in our rig at all - most of them to WDW! ? The longest we have stayed at FW is about two weeks. Any thoughts on what we could expect jumping up to staying for a month? My husband would work from "home" so my mother and I would have to find some thing to do that are just "normal" - it wouldn't be park hopping every day. Pros? Cons? Thanks for adding to the madness of considering it!
  4. GPoppins

    Stuck Slide

    An update - After finding a way into our dealership, someone took a look at Big Bear (our motor home ) and determined that the gear box and some other part are broken. Because there is such a huge backlog of service work and because of the switch to Camping World adding to gumming up things, we cannot get an appointment until March. Even getting the rig looked at took a favor being done for our salesperson. As it stands now, I will have to cancel our FW ressies and try to book a house somewhere near Disney that is pet friendly. My husband called other dealerships in the area and they are not willing to take us. He has also spoken with a Forest River regional rep but no one seems to have a solution for us. Very disappointed in a brand new motor home having a dud slide...
  5. Hello Fiends, We are not camping right now so this isn't an emergency but we do plan to leave in less than a month and are having trouble. We picked up our MH from having the oil changed and when returning it to our storage unit, we needed to put the slide out to do something. Pushed the button and the slide moved a second or two and then a very loud noise and the slide stopped. We tried it several times. Tried pushing, pulling, angling...nothing. Our rear slide works fine and it does not sound like an electricity problem as the noise is LOUD at the point that the slide stops - it sounds mechanical. As I mentioned, we leave in less than a month - for the Fort so that I can compete in my first 5K (woo hoo) and our RV dealership has been bought by... Camping World. They were already exceptionally slow with service - can you imagine what it will be like now? I'm thinking our rig will not be ready in time...oh man. It's a 2016 Forest River Georgetown. Any thoughts?!!! My husband has a done a lot of research but we can't figure it out. Thanks!!!
  6. Hello All, We recently jumped up from a TT to a Class A and have yet to travel to WDW in it yet. We had our TT for only a couple of months when we made the big move to a Class A - we're nuts. So we're thinking of traveling in one day to FW in October rather than stopping for the night somewhere. We're roughly 14 hours away and are considering leaving very late at night, traveling through the night, and arriving at FW early afternoon. As we have never traveled in the MH for a long trip yet, I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on whether this will be a tough task. We're thinking of stopping at the FL welcome center (which is about 5.5 hours from the start of the trip) and maybe even putting out a slide to eat breakfast and really rest. Then taking a similar break a few hours later. Any thoughts on this? My husband and I will tag team the driving by the way... Any good spots, in general, for stopping for a real rest? Thanks!!!!
  7. GPoppins

    October Bookings

    Thanks everyone. It's particularly interesting to me that Disney's reservation system is possibly knocking out short trips. What a shame. Why does it take a long stay for Disney to be interested in you? We're playing it by ear and hanging onto our ressies until we decide with certainty. Guess I should be making those darn golf cart ressies soon since it'll be so busy...The cost! Ugh!
  8. Hello all, My family and I are playing with the idea of going to WDW in October. We have ressies for December that we know we're going to keep but the temptations of Food and Wine are calling us. In looking around at trying to make reservations, I could find only one set of dates that worked! One! Everything else is booked! Can anyone speak to why the Fort is so jam packed??? Thanks everyone.
  9. Great! Thanks everyone. Y'all are the best!
  10. My family and I will be heading down to the Fort next week (WOO HOO!!!! ) and I'm wondering if new washers and dryers have been installed yet. I read about them being rolled out across property starting with the deluxe resorts so I'm hoping they have reached FW. I don't know whether or not to pack quarters! Thanks for any info...
  11. We rented from Greenberg last September. We have two dogs so we were limited as to which trailer we were allowed to rent. Without saying too much here, we did not have a good experience with Greenberg. Poor quality, poor customer service, lack of maintenance...black tank troubles! :flush: That trip is referred to as the "Greenberg Debacle" by my family as part of the trip was spent waiting for a Greenberg guy to show up with what my DH wound up referring to as the "sh*tter stick" to "fix" our toilet. So I would look elsewhere if I were you. Just my two cents. It didn't keep us from pursuing getting an RV of our own just last week though! My husband has vowed that we'll have the cleanest black tank at FW!
  12. Well...we went with the Laredo! :banana: Good or bad, right or wrong - we made the decision and we're on our way to being RVers!!! We can't wait to explore and learn. My mother had a stroke almost three years ago and we now live each day knowing that what's around the corner is a huge mystery and that we should seize the day. Thanks everyone and I'll see you on the boards as an RV owner and not just a lurker wannabe.
  13. Thanks everyone for the welcome and for the advice!! We still haven't decided between the two...ugh!! I think we're getting closer though. I love being a part of this community now!
  14. Howdy folks! My husband, mother, two pups and I are contemplating purchasing an RV! We love FW and while we had a horrible rental experience last September, we are ready to commit to an RV. I grew up with grandparents who owned RV's their whole lives so the experience isn't that new to me. We're down to deciding between a Windjammer by Rockwood and a Laredo by Keystone. They are both in the 35' ballpark and both offer the layout and features we're looking for - 50 amps, two A/C's, etc. Each has several features over the other, so to speak. One, the Windjammer, is several thousand dollars more than the other. However, we have read (and read and read... ) online that Rockwood puts out quality trailers. We'll be in a 2015 Expedition with the heavy duty towing package so we should be fine weight wise in either. This is our first RV - so any advice is welcome and hoped for. Thanks!!