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  1. Mercy! Guess we should have done a GG at the show! LOL Did you dry camp? We were in the lot, Thursday and Friday night. Had planned to stay Saturday night as well... but snagged a spot at the Fort.
  2. We’re here today...our take is the area looks very nice, but the actual green space for kids to run around (to play tag, for example) has been cut in half, if not more. That’s the one thing we did not like. This smaller space also puts the swings dangerously close to the play equipment.
  3. That's what I thought. Thank you. I'm so glad they kept those.
  4. But it looks like they still will have swings...? If so, happy to see this ❤️
  5. Okay Fiends... this has nothing do with with camping (except, it is set in the outdoors.. LOL), but my baby brother plays the guitar, did the male vocals and produced this video. I am so stinkin' proud of him!! We grew up on a small island in the Pacific NW and he is still in the Skagit Valley, so not a hotbed of band/video production activity, but goodness: I think they look amazing! He's been with this band, for several years now. BTW, I'm 48 and he's 38... so I guess "baby" brother is a relative term (or, at least, an affectionate one for our family... once the baby, always the baby ❤️). Hope you enjoy this, as much as I did ❤️
  6. Oh yeah... I think most of us saw that coming. Unfortunately, the days of the Fort we loved, are gone.
  7. Wow. So arrive a couple of hours before the park even opens and hope you get a place. Ugh. That would be yuck.. but not horrible, horrible. Me too
  8. Wow,..if that’s really how it works (or keeps working) I think that’s awesome!
  9. Gotcha. Sorry if I missed this... but once your boarding group is called, how long do you wait to actually ride the ride?
  10. That was me with Pandora at the AK. I don't think we even walked into that land, until a year or year 1/2 after it opened. LOL
  11. At least Disney did something. Tough if you flew into town for a short time, but it was nice that they tried to make it right. So... first, some grown adults way too excited for a ride. LOL Second.... I'm not a huge SW person (but I did play "the song" in highschool band, so that still makes me smile), but I will say that Disney set the bar high with this one! The nicest part (I thought) was that it's not just a 2 minute ride. I would stand in line for this one. Not for multiple hours, LOL, but I would wait an hour which is saying a lot as I think we've only been willing to do that, once or twice over the past 10 years. Pretty sure it will be several years before the wait time is an hour though.
  12. So glad you had a great time at the party. Sounds like the prefect blend of low crowds and a great atmosphere. We went the first week of November last year (maybe the second or third night they offered the party?) and for us, it was a very bad choice. Apparently the bloggers and such had stormed the park for merchandise... or something to that effect I was told. So, it was horrible. However, we've been there before when our experience was like your (as it should be for every guest who pays extra to attend the parties) and it was magical. Sorry the night's sleep was so rough. Not getting out of bed to get a sweatshirt... LOL, I would have done that too. I would have been afraid that getting up would have made me even colder and I do not like the cold or being cold
  13. No, that’s the crazy thing. Nor do I overload my rig, I’m the driver that slows you down because I’m cautious and don’t fly over train tracks or pot holes and I’m always careful about not hitting curbs. That’s what has us shaking our heads. Now (with this rig), we did not buy it new and the welder did say that the shackle showed signs of extended stress (whatever that means)...so either a junk piece of metal or the original owner may (?) have been rough in it. Just don’t know. All we know, is we appear to have bad luck with these things. Well, there’s always that one time, when our husband’s will be right so...careful when you play your card 😉
  14. Thanks. Actually...I think you were the one who initially brought up checking tire temps at stops. That’s what actually got me checking the leaf spring shackles. Purchased a tpms a couple of years back, so I no longer feel the tires every stop, but ever since the first weld broke, I’ve made a point of looking under and checking....so, thank you for getting me started ☺️ Yes, and because they hold the market, they are slow to improve. Frustrating and dangerous. We did, thank you. We are at the beach and have been blessed with amazing weather. Its been fantastic ❤️ Hope you also had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you ☺️
  15. We were 3 hours into a 3 hour road trip. Found a hardworking mobile welder and we’re bsck on the road...after a 4.5 hour delay. Praising God though, as it could have been worse (no real damage) and had we not decided to go a day early, this would have happened on Thanksgiving and then...who knows how long a repair would have taken. We had pulled over for fuel, and because this has already happened to me once, I’m now inthe habit of looking underneath and checking at stops. So, we were at a gas station when we found the broken weld and (thankfully) not on the side of a busy or deserted road. It wasn’t too horrible, all things considered. Total delay was about 4.5 hours. Grand Design...but same manufacturer with the frame/welds as the Keystone (Lippert). Thank you. Could have been sooo much worse, but it surely was NO fun. Thank you. It wasn’t too terrible and we made it into our campsite, late last night. Lippert has had many, many complaints which is so frustrating, as it’s dangerous.
  16. On the side of the road...with yet another broken weld! Flippin! That’s now two (total) broken spring leaf brackets, on two different rigs. Good grief 🤦‍♀️😥
  17. Oh... I hope so! That's how the parties are supposed to be! ❤️
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