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  1. We usually take I-57 thru Illinois, as the I-65 route through Indiana has less than desirable roads, rest areas, etc and it avoids Indianapolis and the mess in Louisville. The difference in drive time is not significant (20 mins) Only problem is I-57 is BORING, so has anyone driven the US-41/US 150 route through Indiana? Just looking for a different way to break up the 24 hr drive with difference scenery...
  2. Yes coil packs and new plugs. Something about carbon buildup too...
  3. LOL ya that reads bad.... Just one wife in the picture.
  4. Ford F-150. I was never a Ford guy..... Anyways, MK today. Did everything we wanted until the rain came. Little excitement as we were evac'd off the TTC. Got compensation for it, free FP that we used on Buzz. Winning!
  5. We are back in 15 days. So hopefully cold at home is gone. Yes we drive straight thru, only way to do it. I won't waste precious vacation days on staying in some dump when I can stay at THE FORT. Truck is at the shop. It's my father in laws truck so (he is also down here) he gets to deal with it. Ha! AAA came and towed it for me. Gave the 2 kids that wanted lobster a taste. Mrs. And me ate most of it. Lunch at Grand Flo Cafe today. Service was slow, portions were small, but food was good. Some monorail rides, DS wanted to see Herbie so we went over to ASM for that. Picked up golf cart from Kenny today. Definitely faster than the salvage carts the Mouse rents, our 2nd time renting from him and I'm sold. Meadows Pool open today but kiddie part is not yet. Rec. schedule says campfire starts at 6:30 on one part of page, but on the back daily schedule is gives a different start time. I asked, it's 6:30, 6 on Fri and Sat for the double feature. Really, you publish a schedule with wrong times? Not complaining but wow. MK tomorrow! Woot woot!
  6. Checked in about 1pm. Truck gave us issues the way down ( we drive straight thru from Wisconsin) but we made it. Felt like the engine was mis firing. 1am at Monteagle TN is not the place to deal with that. Did it the rest of the way down. Check is was a breeze got right on site. 1700 loop which is what I wanted. Nice big site too. Picked up some lobster tails from Costco and grilled them for me and the Mrs , kids had Mac and cheese haha haha! That and they blew their gift cards already at Trading Post so that's done! Weather is FANTASTIC ( high temp where I left from was 2) Low key day Saturday, Grand Flo Cafe lunch rez, monorail ride, p/u golf kart from Kenny. Anyone know when the Meadows Pool opens again after refurb? Slides were being refiberglassed.
  7. Thanks everyone! Will post a trip report for sure.
  8. 15 days at the fort, 10 in the parks. Driving down from WI with one wife and 4 kids. Not sure all will make it back!
  9. Is he still there? Used to be a photo op area with an actual VW
  10. Yep not a fan of the 1900 loop because of the cesspool in the middle. Kids+ugly brown water= aggrivation.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. It looks like Enterprise is the way to go in case something goes awry.....
  12. If you were enroute from Wisconsin to The Fort, and your tow vehicle was unable to be driven, what would you do? We have AAA Rv so if we need a tow for the Jeep and the camper we are covered there. But what after? If we we only made it halfway where do you get a vehicle for towing the rest of the way? Just want to plan ahead. My Jeep Commander has 135000 mi and while it not let us down yet, it's getting on in years and we are just being cautious.
  13. Thanks! Just wanted to make sure. Taken bikes in past
  14. I know if u ride a bike helmets are state law, but does that apply to a kick scooter as well? The FTW policy only mentions helmets for bikes? And on that topic, the policy mentions scooters only on sidewalks and paths, not on roads. I would gather a campsite loop falls into road category, but would anyone put up a fuss for two kids on scooters on a loop road?
  15. If I have a Full Hookup Loop preference, can I still fax this to the Fort, or is that something that has gone away? I have done it in the past, but it's been 2 years.
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