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  1. Nancy does NOT reside in the Fort, and hasn't been in the fort for months. I heard Disney was investigating her business practices, so perhaps that’s why she’s not here. Glad you had a good experiences with her, personally I found her to be dishonest and unscrupulous , If you are looking for a good travel agent that resides in the Fort, Hilda (400 loop) is very good, however, if you just want a good travel agent, everyone LOVES Jason!
  2. Not sure if Chucky is referring to physical size or number of sites or a combination of both. If we're just talking size, then so many of the State Parks and National Parks would dwarf Fort Wilderness. - Denali National Park in Alaska is 6 million acres and contains several areas for both tent and motorhome camping. If he was referring to number of sites, then Ocean Lake in Myrtle Beach probably takes the prize with 893 campsites and 2,554 annual lease sites and almost a mile of beachfront, however, their total actual acreage is still smaller than Fort Wilderness. If he's referring to a combination of physical size AND number of sites, then I haven't a clue! And no TCD, I am not the one who alerted Chucky to his errors. ......I would have caught the glaring 50 amp mistake!
  3. TCD, I most humbly apologize --consider yourself totally vindicated and remember the comments were made in jest - (although I must say I am surprised that someone who is so detail oriented missed the boo-boo on the 50 amp service),but hey nobody is perfect. Sincerely sorry if I offended you, The NOT SO MIGHTY MickeyMouth
  4. Not sure what article you read TCD, but it wasn't the Chuck Woodbury article that David linked. His article clearly states "The park has 799 campsites and 408 one-bedroom log cabins and he never even mentioned the price on golf carts - perhaps you read that in your dreams! A couple of big boo-boo's. Not quite....But you were only off by a couple of big boo-boos. On the other hand, Carol was right about the boo-boo on the 50 amp service.
  5. Just got back from looping - every loop had empty spots. Most had 3-5 empty sites. The 100, 1100, and 1200 loop only had one empty site each. Three loops had 8-10 empty sites and all the rest had anywhere between 3-5 empty sites It's early afternoon and some of those sites were being filled as we were driving. However, if the Fort is completely booked, it seems like a lot of people to be arriving on Sunday of a holiday week-end.
  6. Unfortunately, I went with a travel agent that I met while at Fort Wilderness and she owns her own agency so I had no recourse when things went wrong.
  7. The one very BIG advantage to going straight through Disney is IF anything does goes wrong, you can always speak to a manager and Disney will do everything they can to make it right for you. If you have a problem with a travel agent for whatever reason, you are just out of luck; you don't have anyone who is going to make it right for you and you don't even have anyone you can complain to (except yourself).
  8. Well the rates dropped and the campground is full! Unfortunately, the temperature dropped too....BRRR!
  9. Actually I agree with Tim5055, People underestimate the 1900 loop - there are some really nice big sites in that loop. It's quiet and off the beaten track. It's usually the last of the full hook-up loops to be filled up and it gets filled with regular campers - no long termers, no large groups. People complain about the flooding, but they filled in a lot of the areas around the sites a while ago and that really isn't a problem unless you are there during some major rainy season - shouldn't be a problem in the winter.
  10. I think the sites tend to be larger in the 1700 loop, and there are a lot of long term guest that stay in that loop. They seem to put large groups in the 1600 and 1800 loop, so 1800 can either be really nice and quiet or a zoo.
  11. We stayed on 1741 just once. It is an easy spot to back into, a nice large shady spot, and it is nice that you don't have to drive through the entire loop every time you come and go, However, the spot is not private as you are facing the road going to the 1800 and 1900 loop and you are right across from the comfort station and we had kids (and some adults) that would actually cut across our lot on their way to and from the comfort station. Being on a secondary road and being right across from the trash dumpsters, the site is definitely not one of your quieter ones. Unless you enjoy watching traffic and people and don't mind feeling like you are on display, I would pick one of the other sites in the 1700 loop, they are all pretty large and offer more privacy than 1741.
  12. Does anyone have an e-mail address for Jose Mola or any of the management at Fort Wilderness?
  13. TCD is right,, it really wasn't bad after dark. As for the rest, I guess it just depends on when you are there, who else is there at the time, and how lucky you are.(like being next to a basketball court), When we stayed there, people were driving there golf carts down to the path to walk and run their dogs. Some dogs were fine, but some barked and yapped whenever they met another dog. One lady had 3 large dogs she could barely control and they were down there at least 3 to 4 times a day. The people camping across the road had several beagles that howled whenever any one walked past just added to the noise..Anyways, that was our experience....perhaps we just weren't lucky. Oh and did I mention someone was there that week who did NOT pick up after their dogs!
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