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  1. 20 hours ago, BradyBzLyn...Mo said:

    Hard to pass up that deal! 

    I think when we first started staying at the Fort partial sites were around that price. 

    Sigh... the good ol' days...

    It has been a long time since we paid less than a $100 per night. Seems like the cheapest we had in the last 5 years was about $115 for a full hook up. I think my Thanksgiving ressies are around $205 per night :(

  2. We were thinking about going to the beach for one more time since they pushed school back a week. Camp Gulf was coming in at nearly $200 a night after taxes. Just on a whim I checked the Fort. $93 per night for a full hook up site for the week of 8/10. That isn't too bad IMO. I pulled the trigger so we may be down there sweating it out with the rest of the crazy people. Not sure I want to set foot in the parks, though.

  3. 14 hours ago, Tri-Circle-D said:

    They’ve been selling MaxPass at Disneyland for quite a few years now.  First it was $10 a day, now it’s $20. It wouldn’t work with WDW’s Fastpass Plus model, but they seem like they’re ready to finally admit defeat with that. 


    Didn't Disney spend like 5 billion on FP+? FP+ was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. I liked the old paper ticket system better.

  4. Our AP's are up on 7/14. I'm really close to not renewing. We have reservations for the week of Thanksgiving, but I am not sure I want to fight this reservation system and pay for passes without all of the benefits. I do miss camping at FW, but so far this year we have went to the FL Gulfcoast twice, Wekiwa Springs, the Keys, and Savannah. With trips to Defeated Creek, possibly Hilton Head, and the Smokies planned the appeal of Disney is waning badly. Not to mention these other trips are a fraction of the cost of Disney. Decisions, decisions.

  5. 1 hour ago, Travisma said:

    I got this email early this morning I guess because we have silver passes.

    Not a lot of info but something.

    The interweb is blowing up with people whining and asking the same questions over and over instead of reading and waiting to see what the official word is going to be.


    I'm just glad Jason has the inside scoops.

    An Important Walt Disney World Update

    As we plan for the reopening of our Disney Resort Hotels and Theme Parks, we are keeping the wellbeing of our Guests and Cast in mind. And we’re here to help you as we introduce new procedures focused on delivering an enjoyable and magical experience for everyone who visits.

    To manage attendance and foster physical distancing during this unprecedented time, we will be changing and suspending some Park experiences. In addition, we will also be introducing a new Theme Park reservation system.


    Unfortunately, these new measures have required us to cancel any FastPass+ selections you may have made. We recognize the inconvenience this poses and we’re deeply sorry.

    However, because you have valid Theme Park admission, you will have access to the Theme Park reservation system before new tickets are sold to other Guests. There’s nothing you need to do at this time. We’ll be contacting you soon with details on this new system.

    At this time, while systems update, we are temporarily suspending all modifications. However, you have the option of canceling your entire reservation.

    We’re putting great thought into helping you return to the magic and appreciate your patience.

    For more information, please visit disneyworld.com, call 407-W-DISNEY (934-7639), or contact your travel professional or Member Services.

    AP holder here with June reservations. I received the same email

  6. 38 minutes ago, AuburnJen said:


    I won't shoot the messenger.  

    And what Grumpy linked only scratches the surface of what is available there.


    Well aware. Also some of the metal fabrication forums I visit has had some folks get cease and desist letters from Disney. Although, it is rare, but it does happen. I think it has more to do with the profile of the seller, and if they choose to advertise them through AdSense, etc

  7. Cloth masks are a joke. Virus size makes cloth look like a screen door. If you're not wearing a properly fitting N95 or P100 respirator you are fooling yourself, IMO. When I go to the store at least 25% of the people wearing masks have their nose exposed. These people are literally too stupid to help. There's no way Disney can police people into wearing and handling masks properly let alone make sure everyone has a respirator.

    There's no way I'd visit a theme park in the summer while having to wear a mask. To me it is simply not worth the hassle. I'd rather ride a bike, rent a kayak, sit under the awning, etc.

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