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  1. Look how long the 2nd phase of Pop Century sat there after 9/11. I think it is too early to tell, but I would be very curious in the number of visitors for this fall vs after 9/11.
  2. Plant some bushes behind the settlement and throw some fresh sand on clementines beach and call it good. I'd be happy with that.
  3. I've thought that late May or early June is the earliest hope ever since the CDC urged 8 weeks of social distancing. We have reservations for mid June. I'm still planning on going, but I will make the call on visiting the parks, if open, closer to the time of arrival. I'm ok not setting foot in a park.
  4. It's probably wishful thinking, but yes they do die. They can only live outside of the body for various times on different surfaces. If everyone sequestered long enough it could run its course and die out like SARS, MERS, bird flu, etc
  5. Until this virus is dead I won't give a shit when the parks open. I would visit FW tho
  6. I think this stuff has been around for months. We know it was active in November in China. Not to sound like a drama queen, but when we returned home from our trip (Tampa RV show and MK) over MLK weekend I got terribly sick. My flu test was negative, but I had terrible aches and pain (it hurt my skin to wear a soft tshirt), fever, shortness of breath, coughing up small amounts of blood, and I felt totally drained for at least 10 days after my fever subsided. For 3 days I stayed under a blanket in bed or in my recliner. It totally sucked. I would not be surprised if I didn't pick it up. The onl
  7. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/19/34-year-old-california-man-dies-coronavirus-visited-disney-world-florida/
  8. they have to remove everything off property. Cant even use the parking lot from what I understand
  9. Plenty of private parks to chose from if one must camp....or just grab a fishing pole and head to the lake, go hiking, ride a bike, canoeing, etc. There's a multitude of safer options to chose from if a virus in on the loose.
  10. If (probably a BIG if) it gets as half as bad as some experts predict I simply will not want to visit a large crowded space like Disney anyway. Plenty of other ways to camp and recreate that offer some isolation and are a hell of a lot cheaper.
  11. After reading this report I am not too worried about when WDW opens again. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf
  12. I'm afraid you are correct. We all should help out are family, friends, and neighbors, if possible, if the need arises.
  13. I'm betting late May or June before they open back up since the CDC recommended 8 weeks of no large gatherings.
  14. Another cut back in a time of rising ticket prices. Where will the tipping point be?
  15. CDC is recommending no gatherings over 50 people for the next weeks. I bet that will keep the parks closed.
  16. The post I saw on Facebook said college program participants will return on April 20th. Not sure if it was correct or not.
  17. DS is closed too. Edit....apparently DS is remaining open.
  18. I work in the power industry at a plant built in 1945. Failures of anything are a direct result of lack of planning or a robust condition based maintenance plan. If we can keep an ancient power plant online with 0% unexpected outages disney can keep some little rides going if they chose to. It all comes down to how much are you willing to spend.
  19. They did this about 2 years ago at Skipper Canteen. That was good bread. Just another way of reducing the value for the customer and upselling. The appeal of standing in massive lines, eating overpriced average tasting food, and being gouged at every turn would seem to be bad to most people, but Disney is as crowded as ever.
  20. We did one with the girls in 2009. We had a good time, but I am pretty sure we won't do another one.
  21. They'll probably add a $20 per night resort fee and let the gem station be "free".
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