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  1. We ate there on Black Friday. It was fantastic. We ordered some small plates (mac & cheese bites, chicken skewers, and the grilled romaine). All were excellent. The kids had another round of mac bites too. Our main was the skirt steak with potatoes and asparagus. It was seasoned and cooked perfectly. WBG is what these disney run restaurants should try to emulate.
  2. I'm curious...do you have to make a hard 90 turn with your rig anywhere repeatedly?
  3. They are shutting down the old parking lot at 4PM each day and running the carriage rides out of this area.
  4. Dual purpose then. Its marked as cart parking entrance. I hope the pole they installed to keep cars out is removable. Otherwise, carriages won't fit.
  5. One change I see this year is the Wolf Pack is in the 2000 loop instead of the 1500.
  6. They installed a new entrance for the expanded cart parking by the Meadow store. Carts will no longer have to enter the old parking lot to access the new parking.
  7. Plenty of small TT's in the 2000 loop this week too. Sorry you had some rude neighbors.
  8. I don't know for sure. I know that I wont be paying for one, though.
  9. We checked in today at 10:45 am without sending a request. What I see different from September to now is the CM comes to your window with an iPad to do check in. There's a list of available sites on the iPad that they can refresh by the minute. I scrolled through the list while looking through the book. I was allowed to pick 1010. I thought the 1000 loop was premium meadow, but either way I only had reserved premium. The fort was packed coming in today. We parked in the field by the hitching post for along with a bunch of others while waiting for our site. The CM said the iPad thing was
  10. I have watched both episodes of the Mandalorian and Imagineering. They are really good.
  11. Agree. At some campgrounds I like site specific reservations so you can pick a really good site over a bad one or small site. But at the Fort a majority of the sites are pretty equal. I think overall it would be detrimental if they switched.
  12. We check in Saturday. With a 45' rig plus the truck I always looks at the book to pick my site.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I just signed up last night to watch the Mandalorian....which is really good too.
  14. Slight hijack... All of this talk of inconsistent quality makes me appreciate our local favorite even more. If you are ever close to Guntersville, AL go to Old Towne Stockhouse. It is the best steak I have ever had. Their filet is always on point and cheaper than any Disney filet. https://www.oldtownstockhouse.com/
  15. 2000 loop huh....cant wait for the 1am salsa dancing block party report Good looking set up you have there too.
  16. Glad they got rid of those sides. I wish they would bring back the truffle risotto and asparagus from a few years ago. Those were awesome.
  17. We use EZ Pass which works with the Peach Pass. Sadly, I can't use the express lanes on I75 south out of the ATL when pulling my camper. I do love not having to get in those long holiday lines at the toll booths.
  18. Nope I love tots. These things were like long skinny tot/fries. They were ok but more suiting for a burger not a $50+ filet.
  19. We ate there in September, and I thought the same thing. We've been going multiple times a year for the past 5 years or so. I had the filet. It was good, but not as good as any other time. The side items were some small hashbrown things and slices of cold tomato. It did not work well with the filet. The flatbread and ravioli were good, though. Overall it was just not on the level we are accustomed to there. Also the service seemed less attentive. On our last visit I honestly contemplated not going back.
  20. Us too. We spent a lot of time on the porch and in a cart watching our 3 kids play there.
  21. The magician's first trick will be making $1,500 disappear from your wallet.
  22. And another thing about those bags.....who thought that was a good idea? I'm pretty sure pooing in a bag is a 2 person operation even for the most flexible human. They should have put in some miniature bomb bay doors in the floor....."look out below"!
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