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  1. But those guests can see the lake perfectly. Screw the campers. This new resort layout pisses me off so bad. I wish the first version was being built.
  2. Yeah, I'd probably pay 3500 to do it once for the kids.
  3. https://wdwnt.com/2019/08/pricing-revealed-for-immersive-multi-day-star-wars-galactic-journeys-hotel-experience-at-disneys-hollywood-studios/ I hope someone makes a youtube video of it for my kids to watch.
  4. Ok last question. Is there any movement to the pod that you're in or do only the screens react?
  5. How is Smuggler's Run without 3D? I always liked that about Star Tours. It seems without 3D it would just look like a tv screen in the window. I saw that post too. It's plausible, but DL ride is delayed too. It is hard to believe it is building related possibly on both. I would put my money on ride technology or associated hardware issues.
  6. LOL I guess. Unless it was an expensive lamp shade she probably spent more in gas and time returning it. I once worked for a guy who was tighter than tree bark. He sent me back to a place to get a refund on a part that was less than $2. He literally wasted more gas than that....plus paying me.
  7. I don't see how they can say 700 is Premium Meadow. 400 and 500 loops are just as close. I bet she was mistaken.
  8. Pre-made small drinks for $17?!?!?! That's a hard pass for me. The more I see of GE the more I am "meh" about it. Smuggler's Run looks boring. I hope RotR is worth it. At least with Pandora we got a sit down restaurant and a game changing "ride". It also doesn't help matters that the last Star Wars movie was absolutely awful.
  9. I agree. My collection of rtic and yeti coolers plus all of the cups and tumblers has gotten out of hand.
  10. My first memory from RC was a legit near drowning where the slides dump into the lake. My parents were not of the helicopter type.
  11. I participated in many gun battles there back in the day.
  12. I wouldn't care if it stayed down. I never really understood that ride. It is small and appeals to kids, but yet has a 48" height requirement. By the time my kids were 48" they had no interest in it.
  13. Sorry to hear he still has pain. I hope she does fall into the little to no pain category. We've talked to several people who have had the procedure and have had good results. I work with 2 guys that have fusions. Both have no pain or complications. I know it is possible, I just hope the surgeon has no problems. He supposedly one of the best anywhere. He only does spine procedures and joint replacements.
  14. She tried therapy after the first surgery. It didn't help. Looking at the mri her vertebrae are really shifted. The Dr said in 4-6 months she will never know she had a back problem. I sure hope he is right. Her pain level stays high....especially after a bit of walking.
  15. How is he doing now? We've been going to Andrews Sports Medicine in BHM. They do a lot of famous athletes and such. The dr is considering going in from the side to fix L4/L5 and through the back for the other. She wasn't a candidate for an ALIF from the front.
  16. She had part of a disc removed last year, but it has gotten progressively worse. The pain blocks don't work anymore. She's having a L4/L5 and L5/S1 fusion.
  17. Thanks...she should be better than new in 4 months or so. We've been before. It is good.
  18. It was definitely very crowded. Seaside was absolutely gridlocked. The area is definitely popular judging by all of the out of state tags from far off states. Hopefully we will back at the Fort for spring break. She will have to build some vacation time back up. In the meantime we will be taking short trips once she feels better.
  19. We left Thursday morning for a quick kidless trip to the gulf coast. Since we didn't plan this too far in advance I had to settle for whatever CG that had an opening. We ended up in Live Oak Landing in Freeport. This was a pretty nice little campground. The rate was $71 plus taxes and fees. All together 3 nights cost us $230. The sites there are extremely nice with concrete pads and patio area. It is also a very calm and quiet CG. There were a lot of families with their fishing boats since there is a boat ramp on site. The pool is a little small, but it was never crowded. Friday morning w
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