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  1. We love to eat some ice cream in the lower outside seating area by the Plaza.
  2. We stayed on Eagle's Roost on our last trip. It was fairly neat and clean. I think it was better years ago when it was a KOA, but my memory may be fuzzy on that. We usually leave in the evenings on the way down. Since we just need a place to rest for the night and we are fully self contained....we stop at the Perry, GA Welcome Center. It is just off the interstate near the fairgrounds. They welcome overnight stays and have a dump station. There's also a Cracker Barrel and diesel carrying gas station across the street.
  3. I thought the 3000 loop was Disney's experimental premium loop for nudists/swingers? :popcorn:
  4. Cool. I have been to DP several times. I race dirtbikes, so it is a good place to practice. Another good place, although it would be a good bit further for you, is Highland Park Resort in Cedartown, GA. Its only an hour from my house...we go there often.
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