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  1. I totally agree I actually hate FP. Trying o make plans in advance hurts my brain It is also frustrating all the FP rules Disney has. I personally wouldn’t be sad if FP were eliminated
  2. Hi guys. Again I am having problems getting 10 days in December 2019. I do have 4 days with gaps in between. The rumor I hear is what’s happening is people r booking reservations in order to get ADR and fast passes early. Then they cancel hotel reservations and stay off property. But I read disney is on to them. They r thinking of when you cancel your reservation then your fp r cancelled. Anyone else heard or read this rumor? If so that would be awesome! People must stay up late trying to figure out ways to scam Disney. Lol
  3. I thought wagons are banned or it used to be when my boys were little. If they aren't they should be How do they get on the buses or trams?
  4. On top of everything, my TA and I decided to make reservations for next December. She can not find anything available the first 2 weeks of December 2019
  5. I have always used a TA We go to WDW 2x. a year for the last 20 years We always stay 10-14 times every time We have never had any problems till now. And we started these reservations last December while we were still at the Ft.
  6. This is absolutely aggravating me. Still can’t get 12/7 and 12/8. My son was able to get his two days I had found a full hook up at 12 am today and at 6 pm no FH but tent site. Both were only for 12/8 And yet my My Experience is down UGH
  7. Thank you I actually do use a TA used the same one for years. Funny I had no problem getting 10 days in March The last time we had any problems reserving was many years ago when they were redoing the loops and they would have a entire loop closed But they were able to finish up before Dec But I don’t thinkthats the case now
  8. Hi guys. We are still in a pickle. My son and I made our annual December reservations last December 2017 while we were still at the Ft. We always spend 10 days the first of December. The only way we were able to get anything this year is having 2 reservations. As of now have 12/2/18-12/6/18 plus 12/9/18-12/13/18. We are getting a little nervous because Dec is getting close. My son is renting a trailer package that he needs to give definite dates for. The thought of taking down all of our holiday decorations.....well I don’t want to go there. Has anyone had any luck yet in getting weekends added to their weekday reservations? When should I start panicking? I have a feeling what is happening to the weekend reservations. Wish the Ft could do something about it Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  9. Thank you so much for your help. The reason I like to have a monthly “bill” is so that most of it is paid off when we arrive. But if anyone is interested, Disney responded today with the correct address. They said if it is for room only reservations Please make checks payable to "Walt Disney Travel Co." Walt Disney Travel Company, Inc. PO Box 733079 Dallas, TX 75373-3093
  10. Hi guys Happy Memorial Day! I have always made my reservations payment a online “bill” thru my bank. Never had a problem till this past March when I still owed at check in. Later I found out that my payments were being returned to my bank. Even my April’s payment. Does anyone know if the address to send payments has changed? The address I have been sending it to is the one in Chicago. Thanks!
  11. Has anyone tried to book another resort to see if there are any weekend openings?
  12. I still think it has something to do with Price increase. And since the weekend rate is more than during the week maybe Disney hasn’t decided how much it’s going to cost. We’ve always had the Sunday after Thanksgiving but later started coming the first Sunday of December. We have never had a problem trying to get a site except the year they were redoing the loops. Eventually got our site. My TA told me that sites that are available are the preferred and the tent camping sites. Glad there is still months to go.
  13. Well I was able to book Sun Dec 8 thru Thursday Dec 13. Hopefully I will be able to get the week before. Oh by the way, it is now $150. A night for premium sites.
  14. Just tried to make our yearly December 10 day reservations. I was told there are no reservations available for early December. Is anyone having the same problem? Does anyone know why? Yesterday I read prices are going up so maybe they are holding out giving reservations till new prices are released. I have never had this problem so far in advanced. Thanks!
  15. Ok now I have heard everything. ( for now anyway) Yeasterday on another blog site, it was announced that Disney is looking to solve a problem with fast pass cheaters. Apparently people are using old tickets, I am assuming never expire tickets, to reserve fast passes. Who does that? Sounds like guest will have to show the ticket that was used for admission. If someone is found to be FP cheating, it could cost them their My Disney experience privilege. It would be a CM discretion. It's amazing what people can sit around and think of to buck the system. The ones that suffer are the ones that follow direction. Anyone else heard this?
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