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  1. The gentlemen in the 1200 loop had put some up and it looked like he was in the process. The wife and I talked with the guy in the 1100 loop today and he's going to put more up. It's already very nice. The "walk around" site is in the 1600 loop. He has some up but it's not quite finished. It looked like he was working on the tent portion behind his RV. There were a lot of new campers today and we noticed several of them were decorating. A couple sites in the 900 loop had some. Nothing like December will look like but it seems each day a few more good sites pop up. From all of the looping we did, it averaged out to around 2 sites per loop were decorated good, with the ones mentioned above being great.
  2. That's the first I've heard of that. I don't recall them asking the year model of our TT. Although the wife does all of our reservations. I've seen some nice older rigs there.
  3. This is our first trip so take it for what it’s worth. We’re in 916 and it’s been great. It backs up to the ditch (wouldn’t want it during mosquitoe season). The wildlife has been spectacular. Seen more turkeys (11) and deer (6) behind our site than I would have imagined. Even had 3 gobblers camped out by the truck when we returned from the park today. There are a few kids in the loop but around 8-8:30 it gets spooky quiet. Our neighbors have been great. The only time it was noisy was Saturday and mid-morning Sunday when the Cub Scouts we’re camping and they weren’t bad. The open area for ten camping is behind us with the bridge 2-3 lots down. Our site is 15x45. The 400 loop has huge sites.
  4. Triple S

    MK Main Entrance

    So as I’m reading this I need to stay in the far right hand lane (beside the grass) where the buses travel (use to travel) and the exit for the Fort will be BEFORE the toll plaza. Essentially, I don’t have to go thru the toll plaza. This will be our 1st trip to the Fort in 2 weeks and I want to make sure I’m in the right lane.
  5. Its actually in Orange Beach, AL and about 10 minutes from the beach. The Wharf entertainment/shopping area is 2 minutes away across the toll bridge. There are to many things to list as far as activities and great restaurants. Our favorite restaurants are The Original Oyster House, Lu-Lu's and Bahama Bob's. Bob's is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and has very little parking but the service and food is excellent. The RV park is great. Big level pads, 30&50 amp, cable, pool, activity center, clean bath house with several washers and dryers. The staff is excellent. I'll post the site below. sugarsandsrvresort.com.
  6. This is a nice COE on the Alabama River in Montgomery. There are 2 sections (new with level concrete pads and full hookup. The old one with gravel pad with electrical and water). Also has boat ramp
  7. Triple S

    Campgrounds Florida on the way to The Fort

    Thanks for the help Grumpy and Diesel. I just got through looking at Sun RV Resort right before I came back here. It seems like a good place to stop for the night.
  8. Triple S

    Campgrounds Florida on the way to The Fort

    Thanks for the reply Lone-Star. We will be getting on I-10 in Cottondale Fl. We will need power for the a/c since we're going the first of November and it can still be warm then. I'm mainly looking for around a 2 hour trip to the Fort from where we stop.
  9. Triple S

    Campgrounds Florida on the way to The Fort

    I know this is an old post but...we're heading down in November. I'm looking for a place off of I-75 for overnight. Preferably before the Florida Turnpike. We will get on I-75 from I-10 east. TIA for any suggestions.
  10. I guess Apple is taking their sweet time in approving/uploading to the store. Still can't find it for version 11.4.
  11. Thanks for all the help went with the LT Nitto Grappler G2
  12. Thanks for all of the replies. Please keep them coming as I'm still researching and learning. One question I do have is the "D" rating shows the max load pressure is 65 psi and the "E" rating shows 80 psi. Is this the cold pressure psi or the max psi each tire should have before the tire is over inflated? I understand you have to have these psi's to obtain the load capacity for each rating. I just don't want to run them over inflated and cause a problem.