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  1. Yes, meeting each other there and can do so same time so we go thru the check in que together....
  2. Please point me in the right direction if I have missed this... Is there a way to ensure that 2 or 3 families visiting at the same time can end up on the same loop. We are booked but now some famiy members want to book as well (grandparents who will not want to end up clear across the campsite somewhere) and some family friends as well. Can we add anything to our reservation to note that we would like to be together or near the same loops if possible? Thanks for your help....
  3. I can't seem to find this or I can't determine if the info is updated. Are all full hook up loops pet loops. We would like a full hook up but would prefer a non pet loop. Also, will the full hook up house a 27 foot 5th wheel with a slide out or awning? Thanks
  4. My hubby is working is m.s. Sat uga. We're there same week as you and you'll recognize us easily......he'll be the one in a uga shirt and I'll be the one standing over him in my gator shirt prodding him with my handy dandy too short metal skewer that I no longer need for roasting marshmallows since I found out I can use wood dowels (inside joke....see other thread).....lol. Gotta find some use for those things since I already bought them. Have great trip!
  5. We're there 4/6 thru the 11. With GA Dawgs screen name...u must b coming from GA...spring break here. Headed from pchtree city. Gator alumni tho...but I'll still speak if I see you at the Fort....lol
  6. Me..oh my...one more thing added to my to do list but.....I guess it's better than my kid on fire....(smile).
  7. Hmmmm....mine or others....lol. Yeah with a 7 hr car ride....it may come in handy there too...ha ha
  8. Funny cause when I'm not looking that's probably how mine are eating anyway....rotfl!!!! They'd probably eat out of the pit, off the floor, who knows what the'd do for a marshmallow.....I just keep reminding myself.....just makes their immune system stronger!!!! Lol
  9. Probably seems like a silly question but this is totally new to me. If I am bringing my own sticks for the Campfire...do I need to have metal roasters? I found some at Target but they are only 20 inches long and that seems short and I was thinking the metal would heat up for my kiddos hands (11, 8, and 5 yrs). I have no idea how the campfire pit is run or big the fire is there. Does anyone know if wood dowels be safe to eat from if used....found at local craft stores and if you've used them have you been successful or do they easily burn? If so, what size would you suggest? I would like to b
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