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Thanks for all the info. Sorry I haven't replied before now, been very busy at work and home getting trailer ready for the trip.

We usually use the showers at the Rv parks we stay at. 3 teenage kids keep the shower tied up for a while plus no hot water after the first kid showers! Lol.

Are the showers free? Or do you have to buy tokens for the showers and toilets.

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As is usually the case, questions get answered by about the 10th post. Except in extreme cases, the answers become redundant and boring, and the 10th post hijack rule gets invoked by someone. This time it was TCD on the 11th post.

As interesting as a discussion about restrooms with showers can be, what else needs to be said after it's been established that they're clean and not usually crowded?



They smell nice  :)

:rofl2:  :rofl2:  :rofl2:

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I have only seen two other bath houses that were cleaner.


They were both in VERY small campgrounds, where they had maybe 30 sites , and the bath houses were made up of unisex 4-piece individual restrooms, where I swear they cleaned them after each guest used them.


They were also both very new campgrounds, so don't know how long they will hold up to the constant use.

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