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flojet fresh water pump won't pump

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I am trying to winterize but I cannot get the pump to suck, I have a bypass valve inline to suck antifreeze out of a jug near the pump. Worked fine last year. The pump runs but no suction. I even too the fitting off directly at the pump and I feel no suction, Its on a 2011 keystone sprinter which has not been used much, once this year, is there any valves or anything I can try to repair the flojet pump? Or is there another way to drain the lines which are pex? I have no air pressure near me to blow the lines out and no rv dealer within an hour/?

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Does the pump sound like it is working?  Do you hear any noises that are different?  Does your unit have a hose connection and a fill valve for your freshwater tank?  If it does then switch the valve and see what happens.  If you are hearing the pump work but only hear gurgling or a loud pump motor sound then turn it off and re-read your winterizing manual to check how each valve is supposed to be set and if any of the water outlets in your unit are open.  The only reason why I know to do these checks is because I have made everyone of those mistakes starting with not reading the manual on winterizing. 

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