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I made the Musket Mickey below with my Silhouette Portrait.  I have the studio file that can be adjusted for the Cameo as well.  I just made the brown backgound one piece, the black outline and pieced in the other colors.  It would work for print and cut as well as a vinyl cut .  The file is 759 KB so I can't upload it here, but I am willing to send it to anyone who wants it:


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Love it, check your PM's.

I'm on it but you won't believe this.  We took a shakedown cruise in our tent earlier this week and while we were gone, my computer chose to install some 'updates' which I never do because Windows 8 is of the devil.  Well, it currently has the Blue Screen of Death and I have no access to any of my files including budgets, photos, lists, my silhouette files, or anything else for that matter :banghead: .  I will be screaming, crying and gnashing my teeth for the bulk of today (and who knows? tomorrow, too) trying to force my computer to give up the precious files to me. I am on a new laptop we got yesterday which feels a bit like using spomeone else's computer.  So, as a quick public service announcement, if you  or anyone you love store's their life on their computer, you may want to run off a quick back-up today to your one drive or storage drive (or discs for that matter) because I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

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