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Posted today on Mousesavers.  Follow the link at the end for additional links/info...

Best Deal on a Rental Stroller - Magic Strollers

I personally recommend renting your stroller from Magic Strollers, a new service from a very reliable company I've been recommending for years, Owner's Locker.

Magic Strollers' rental rates are lower than other stroller rental companies I've checked out. Their strollers are much less expensive than the Disney strollers, which can?t be taken out of the parks. Unlike some other companies, there is no minimum rental period -- you can rent for however many days you need!

    *For single strollers, Magic Strollers charges $15 for the first day and $8 for additional days (plus tax).

    *For double strollers, Magic Strollers charges $25 for the first day and $9 for additional days (plus tax).

As you can see, renting from Magic Strollers can save you a lot of money. Plus, you'll have the stroller to use during your entire vacation, not just in the theme parks! Magic Strollers delivers for FREE to almost any Orlando/Lake Buena Vista/Kissimmee area resort, hotel or condo.

Magic Strollers rents top-notch Baby Jogger City Mini Single and Double strollers, which are simple to fold, comfortable and easy to steer. Every stroller comes with a "parent console" (cup holder and Velcro compartments) and is delivered in a canvas travel bag to protect the stroller from dirt and damage.

Magic Strollers uses Ecolab commercial cleaning and sanitizing products between each rental.

Scheduling your stroller rental is super easy with Magic Strollers, and you'll be informed every step of the way:

    * You get a rental confirmation e-mail when an order is placed. The confirmation e-mail has a link that will allow you to edit your reservation or cancel it if needed. (See the Magic Strollers site for change/cancellation policies.)

    * 14 days prior to arrival you?ll get a confirmation e-mail that your credit card has been charged.

    * When the stroller is delivered to your hotel, resort or condo, you?ll get a text to your cell phone.

When you're ready to depart, call Bell Services and have them collect the stroller in its travel bag. They'll take it to a storage area where it will be picked up by Magic Strollers!

To read an unsolicited testimonial for Magic Strollers from a MouseSavers.com reader, click here.

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