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Awesome news for my birthday!!!

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As some of you know our DD has been acting in a local theatre companies annual play for 6 years..."Territorial Christmas Story."

She loves doing it and the money she earns is put into college savings acct. it's not much money and she doesn't do it for the money. She just loves doing it.

She's played Tiny Tim Cratchit for the last 5 seasons. And her first year, age 4, she played "widow brown's daughter".

She auditioned last week for this years play and we've been waiting to hear back.

Well I just got a call from the director and he asked if DD(10) would like to be in the play again. The director only calls those people that get a part. As soon as I answered the phone I knew it was him and said "hello Jerome". And DD's eyes got real big. I said "I'll ask her if she wants to play Belinda Cratchit this year."

Well DD jumped up and did a cart wheel. She is so excited and we are so proud of her.

So if you find yourself in Oklahoma between thanksgiving and Christmas let me know and I'll get you some discounted tickets.

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I've spent a little bit time with Ray's daughter and she is a real sweetie. There's no way she isn't getting any part she auditions for.

I'm just glad she takes after her mom. There's no way she gets her talent or looks from Ray.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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Hope all is going well!  Very exciting for her.

All is well. DW took DD to rehearsals today.

It's Saturday so they have rehearsal from 1:00 to 5:00. It won't bother DD but it's hard for the kids who haven't done it before. And all the kids in her cast have never done the play before.

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