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Ok here's a few pix of our Christmas display.

I've put up all the inflatables and over the next few days I'll finish putting up the lights. I'll wrap all the trees, more lights on the house, and out up the big 35' tall Christmas tree. We will start on the west side of our property and go to the east. Our property is 330', basically as long as a football field.



15' Santa.



DD in front of the 25' Santa.


That's me by the 25' Santa. You can really tell how tall he is in this picture.



This is a side picture of the dancing arches. It 40' long and the lights dance to the Christmas music.


Here's a pix of DD and I standing in the dancing tunnel.


The reason for the season. God bless us all.





These are the dancing Christmas trees. I use the same sound and lights box to make the trees dance that I use on the arches. I got lucky and took the picture when all the lights were on.


Another big Santa (15' tall)


And last but not least. DD by the North Pole and the North Pole Express.

The kids love the red "police" light on top of the North Pole and you can see it from the highway about 1/2 mile from our house.


Thanks for looking.


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Very nice, Ray. I'm sure Lou would love it.

Thanks a lot.

I think lou would like it.

IIRC, Gail and him decorate the outside of their house quite extensively.

But it is hard to keep the kids "off my lawn". People will stop, send the kids out of the car to pose by a display so thy can take pictures.

This makes me nervous because at night you can't see all the extension cords, ground stakes, and tethers that keep those things grounded. And it happens all the time an someone always trips over something. Luckily no ones ever been hurt.

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Outstanding. How many hours to set it all up?

Believe it or not I actually cut back this year. I think there's only 30 inflatables this year. And I ran all the decorations in a straight line, that's why we have only 30 inflatables, this really cut down on man hours.

So to answer your question...about 80 man hours.

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Really great, Ray!

I'd love a whole "forest" of the spiral-y trees. :)

Thanks. I wish you could see the "forest". That was one of my first creations.

It consists of 17 spiral trees ranging from 2' tall to 6' tall.

There's also the big inflatable in the middle.

The trees are hooked up to a GE sights and sound machine that plays music and the lights flash in time to the song.

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But aren't you moving? Poor Nacole would move next door and then you'd be gone. LOL.

Yes we are moving. As soon as the new house is ready. The mason is bricking our house and the painters are suppose to start painting the inside this week.

We are looking at the beginning of January till it's ready.

But my new neighbors house is for sale. But I think he only has about 1,5 acres.

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