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Dometic 300 Toilet Deffect

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Hi all, just wanted to pass this on.  I have a 2014 greywolf travel trailer.  Inside this trailer resides a smelly bathroom, really smelly.  I followed standard tank flushing protocols and still an awful smell.  Now mind you I have a sewer hook-up in my driveway so when I flush a tank it is flushed several times and chlorinated, not rushed for time in my own driveway.  That said, the odor is always there and was really making a convenient trip to the bathroom a nasty hold your nose event.  Well it turns out there is somewhat of a silent recall on these toilets.  As per the manufacturer they used a snap seal on bottom of unit which did not seal properly allowing waster water to collect/pond in the plastic toilet framing.  This seal has been rectified by utilizing a screwed-in bottom seal.  I gave the manufacturer my toilet serial number and the rep informed me of known problems and shipped me a new toilet.  So if you have a foul odor problem with your bathroom it may not be your tanks.  Oh and yes the rep did inform me that the defect has the potential to damage bathroom floor/flooring.  I will just wait to see what I am in for when my replacement gets here.  Dometic may just hear from me again pretty soon.  Toilet was a dometic 300 foot flush.



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