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Currently making a set of these for some friends that just got a new camper. Will post a pic when I finish.

But..I forgot to post I made a whole bunch back in the spring for me & all my camping buddies. I wanted to pick coordinating fabric for the two to each person but then I wanted to have a different overall look for each person, so it was a challenge picking all the fabric, even with my extensive (some might say too large fabric) stash. So, here are my notes in case you want to make some.

The binding was a little tricky. I don't really like how I did it on the first ones, but I think these I'm working on now look better. The instructions say to machine sew to the front and then hand stitch to the back. Didn't like my hand stitching, so then I thought I'd just machine stitch the back. That would be great if I could see the front while doing it, because then I discovered it didn't always "stay in the lines". My mom suggested I sew to the back, then fold over and sew to the front because then I could see what I was doing and it wouldn't matter what the back looked like. So, that's what I ended up doing. This latest one though, I went back to the original tutorial instructions and think it looks better. 

I also wanted a loop on them in case someone wanted to hang it, so had to figure that out since it wasn't in the pattern and instructions. So, you can see in the pic I tried different locations for the loops. 

Oh, and they are supposed to have one layer of regular batting and one layer of insulated. I appliqued 4 with just the insulated layer before I realized I had missed something, so then my seam ripper got a LOT of use. So basically I zig-zagged 12 times.

My machine started skipping lots of stitches on the zig zag applique, so I would have to go and fill them in. Changed to a different kind of thread and that seemed to help.

Notice in the pic, somehow one of them was inverted.

I did not applique the scalloped part of the awning because a) I thought it looked better and 2) zig zagging around curves is really, really hard. I did apply fray-check to it.

So, lots of problems, and none of them look perfect, but I think everyone was happy. Even one of my friends who doesn't camp wants some. I do hope no one has to ever wash theirs. Not sure what will hold up and what won't!!


Haha, just noticed my dog in the back of the pic. She's always like a foot away from me!

Will post a pic of the other two when I finish.

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14 hours ago, Littleolwoman.aka.Kristie said:

Oh mercy me those a sooo super cute. You should try and sell them, I would buy a couple. I guess I could make myself some but the little guys have me too busy right now. Lol on your pup, mine is the same way, kind of comforting kind of annoying.

I would LOVE to sell stuff, justify a better sewing machine, etc., but I have this problem where I am a perfectionist who lacks the skills to make something look perfect enough to sell.  

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Finished the 2 others I was working on. Could not find my patterns for these anywhere. They are free, but you have to email the lady or sign up or whatever, which I had already done, so I just got my 2 and copied the pieces onto this papery stuff. So they may look slightly different in spots. Still cute though. 

I also did much better on the binding on the first one I finished (gray binding). I think maybe the gray fabric was a better fabric than the red. 



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On ‎8‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 11:09 AM, BradyBzLyn...Mo said:

I somehow missed it when you posted the first pics but these are ADORABLE!!

I love the mix of colors, fabrics and textures.  Well done.  :)


Oh and I like the photobomb dog tongue too.  LOL


On ‎8‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 10:21 PM, Beckers said:

They are adorable !! They look like a ton of work!

Agree!  These are so cute and look like a lot of work to me.  Nice there are people like you with the patience to create them.

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