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Join in the fun, Hat Giveaway #1

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This is the first of several hat giveaways.  I will be posting them in several threads based on color.  The picture is how many I have.  The rules are the same as the stickers.  You must have registered with the website and have a screen name in order to pm me with an address.  Do not post your address on the public section (here) as we do not want spammers having your email or knowing where you stay.  The fact you are giving ME your address really questions your sanity honestly.  :P


You must post here this AND pm me with your address in order to get it sent to you.

Here is the first set of hats up for FREE this week.  I will be posting more.  I have a total of 15 hats to give away!

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Ok, there were 4 hats in this picture, so the first four people get the hats.  I will be posting another thread with more hats.  Each thread has the number of hats in the picture.  The first X amount of people for the number of hats pictured gets it.  So, the people for these hats are as follows:






If you didn't get a hat on this try, please try again, as they are all first come first served.

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