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The key to any repair is having the correct tool, and access to the replacement part.  In January my family and I decided to make a last moment trip down to Orlando.  We couldn't get in to the Fort so we stayed off property (Tropical Palms).

Once we got down to Orlando and hookup up it was brought to my attention that the valve for the toilet was leaking.  Seems when i winterized i forgot to flush to toilet...  A quick trip down the road to Camping World netted to needed part and since I travel with a full compliment of tools I had to old part out and the new part in.  A bit thanks to my helper for watching over me and making sure I did the job correctly.


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Yes the helper is truly a blessing.

Having owned boats all my adult life I can say working on a camper, though not always easy is much easier than working on a boat.  Seems when working on a boat you are always cramped, and working blind.  So far there has been very little that's gone wrong that I haven't been able to repair.  


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