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Our dinner table conversation this evening:

Recently Elena, the "new" Disney Princess was welcomed to the Magic Kingdom with much ado. Sitting around the dinner table tonight I was asking my children about her. Apparently she is a Disney Jr. princess like Sophia the First.  She is of royal blood but in my opinion does not have the credentials to be a true Disney Princess, if only in the fact that she does not have a full length movie. Thoughts??

 Will Moana receive the same castle welcome, after all she will have a full length movie giving her official princess status? Thoughts??

It all sounds trivial but I feel like some rule is being broken by adding Sophia and Elena to the official Disney Princess line-up.

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Yes but Merida, Tianna, Rapunzel, and even Anna all have full length movies that go with them. In fact, all the Disney princesses have a movie except for Sophia and Elena, which only have Disney jr. shows. This puts Elena at Disney Studios with Sophia and the other Disney jr cast, not at the MK. 

It really isn't a big deal just found it odd that Disney is making a big deal out of Elena as the new princess AND the first Latin one at that, but didn't give her the credentials the other major princesses have. 

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You realize, of course, that none of them are real princesses.  

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