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Fort Wilderness Food Truck?

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Looked at it again today.  It sits on a concrete pad and has it's own very robust power supply.  The folks that built it, put on a front end treatment that looks like an old Winnie Brave.  But, the chassis seems more substantial than an old class C RV.  My guess is the folks who built the safari vehicles at AK, did this one as well.  It also sports a Florida plate so it may be street legal.

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I was there this weekend and saw them. The food items are great (tried them all) but if you cannot eat spicy food, have them take off the horseradish sauce.

It only started this weekend, but they have big plans for it after talking to the chef. It will be taking over the old chuck wagon that was there for 30 years.

In the upcoming months they plan to park it up front in the mornings near the buses to offer grab and go breakfast items, including coffee, cocoa, egg sandwiches, bagels, and muffins.

I loved it and it looked like others did too.


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Notice, Dave, they have a roast beef on a kimmelweck roll.

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That looks really cool. I'm always a fan of more food options. It's smart because they can move it around to wherever the need is. 


They said they were going to take it to the beach bashes and front, so it was a smart move on their part.

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Great job to those reporting on this development!

I'm sorry to hear that the Chuckwagon is going to be removed.  But, the offerings from this truck are a huge improvement over what they were able to sell at the Chuckwagon, and having the ability to move this around is a great idea.

I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


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I was wondering what was on that free-standing sign I can see in Jason's photo.

I found my answer on Instagram- it's the menu for the stuff that they used to sell at the Chuckwagon:


Yes they have everything that was at the chuck wagon and the new food items.

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Ever since Jason started this thread, I've been planning to get to the Fort to see this new Food Truck with my own eyes.

I was able to stop by this past weekend.

One thing I wasn't clear on is where, exactly, they were parking this thing.  It turns out that it's right to the side of the campfire area, along the sidewalk that leads into the 1400 loop:


The reports that the Chuckwagon was going to be removed were true.  All of them.  In fact, it's already gone:


In case anyone can't remember what used to be there, here's an old photo of the Chuckwagon in happier days:


In searching through my archives, this is the most recent photo I could find of the chuckwagon- this is from last April, and clearly something was going on with the wheels:


I'm going to miss that Chuckwagon.

It's been there as long as I've been visiting the Fort.

And, now it's gone.

You can see that new, shiny Food Truck from the site of the old Chuckwagon:


Since this new, shiny Food Truck is replacing something that I loved, I know I shouldn't like it. But, I kind of do.  I appreciate the effort they made to theme this Food Truck for the Fort.  Starting with the retro Mini Wini look and make sure you don't miss the assorted gear they have strapped to the roof.  I can see a canoe, paddles, a water ski, gas cans, lanterns, and more.  I don't think anyone would actually head down a highway with that much crap on their roof, but, still, it looks cool.

You can see here that they have added a concrete pad for the Food Truck.  That's good:


The last time I saw a Food Truck here, they just had it parked on the grass.  This was from the 4th of July in 2014:


Note that the concrete was not expanded yet.  But also note that they brought in some picnic tables and trash cans.  I think that would be a good idea to do now.

Now, let's get a good look at this thing.

Here's the front view.  I don't know if you can see it, but there's a map of Florida laying across the steering wheel.  Like they just drove up and parked this thing:


I'm sure you see that big Mickey emblem in the grill.

Here we are looking at the driver's side.  That golf cart there must be what they use to run the supplies out to the Food Truck:


Here we can see the big electric pole they installed for the truck.  There are no water or sewer connections, though.  Also, note all of the decals stuck on the back of the truck:


Here's a closer look at some of the decals.  Most of these relate to Wilderness Lodge- Fire Rock Geyser is the name of the geyser there; Whispering Canyon is the name of a restaurant at the Lodge;  Copper Creek is what they are calling the new DVC villas and cabins; Boulder Ridge is the new name for the old Villas at Wilderness Lodge (I don't know where the Cove is); I don't know of anyplace at Wilderness Lodge called Shady Point, but I'd bet money that it might be the name of the area where they are building cabins on the west side of the Lodge;  the "See America" sticker appears to just be a random sticker, but, again, I wonder if it has any connection to something at Wilderness Lodge:


Here's a closer look at the rest of the stickers on the back of the truck. I know of one Fiend who would love that My Laughing Place sticker!:


Let's take a closer look at these stickers:


Finally, we have a Fort Wilderness sticker, but a new-ish one. There's another Copper Creek sticker, and that round sticker refers to Boulder Ridge.  Note that it says "Rails to Trails" on the bottom.  That's a hint of the theme we will be seeing over at Boulder Ridge.

I think all those stickers are a nice touch.

Here's a side view from the back of the truck, looking at the passenger side:


As noted earlier in this thread, those old folding chairs are a nice touch.

Here we are on the side looking at the menu:


This sticker from the State was displayed in the front passenger window.  It's strange that it was just issued on January 26th, and expires already on April 1st:


There's another license displayed in front of that sticker:


I think that's enough Food Truck photos.

Here's another look at that sad plastic fence around where the Chuckwagon used to be:


You can see it in that last photo that one of the beverage carts that they used to park down near Pioneer Hall is now here near the projection building.  You can see it better in this photo:


I'm not sure what that is used for, but maybe they are selling something else over there during the campfires?

It's strange looking at the back of the Theater Under the Stars and not seeing the Chuckwagon:


The Food Truck was attracting customers:


I didn't see any hours of operation posted anywhere around the Food Truck,  I was there around 3 pm, and they were open for business then.  Later, I found this sign posted in Settlement Trading Post telling us the hours the Food Truck is currently open:


I'm sure that operating hours may be adjusted depending on how busy the Fort is, and how business goes. 


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