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Maiden Voyage to the Fort (or anywhere) In Our TT

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Heading to the Fort April 2-8 for our first trip with our Travel Trailer.  We have been once before and rented a pop up.  This is a totally new adventure for us.

 Need lots of loop help and suggestions!!

We have a 31 ft Travel Trailer with an awning and 1 slide.  We have a Premium site booked.  We will be traveling with 4 kids (8,9,13,16) and 2 grandparents.  We prefer a loop that doesn't have pets.  We would like to be close to a comfort station since we will be using them primarily and not to far of a walk to a bus stop.

Since this is our first trip with our TT we are looking for a loop that have that aren't to bad to back into.  We are looking at 1100??  1200 and 1300 are our second thought options (more sites to that comfort station).

Any suggestions on a good loop for us would be greatly appreciated.  We are so excited for our first trip as camper owners!!


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If you want to be close to a comfort station, then make sure to request that. 

Your comment about the 1200 and 1300 loops having more sites for that comfort station isn't correct now that they converted the 2100 loop into campsites.  There are 56 sites combined in the 1200 and 1300 loops, and 67 combined in 1100 and 2100.

Since you mentioned wanting to be close to a bus stop, I'm assuming you plan to use the buses for getting around.  If that's the case, I would recommend the 400, 500 or 1400 loops.  The Yellow bus route is the quickest one through the campground.  1400 is allegedly not a pet loop, and it's closest to the pool, campfire and Meadow Trading Post. 

I think you should shoot for 1400.


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