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Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

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9 hours ago, ynottony99 said:

What a crazy deal!   

So, I have tried posting the same picture using 2 different methods in this post.  

The first one is the result of copying the URL and clicking paste into the body of the post.

The one below it is using Dave's method.

So now i'm curious to see if anyone can see one or both of them?!?



Nope, still can't see either one of them.

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Now they're gone.   

I wonder if it's related to how you organize your pics in Google Photos.  Do you move them into albums?  Is the album set to "Public"? 

Another thing I wondered about is your picture file size.   I assume you take photos with a good camera.   Are the photo files perhaps too large for using the URL to post here? 

I hope this gets resolved! 

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