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Howdy Folk's!
I have been away from this site for a while, had  a little too much going on, some of you know due to being my FB friends but Id want to clue you all in as to what not to buy

this right here



this is my old truck that Ford purchased from me as a result of it being in the dealership for 77+ days for water leaks/ mold
I am still in a Ford as I had them replace the truck and used the Lemon Law's to their fullest extent and then some.

Initially I purchased the grey truck in January of 2016, had no issues till june/ july where i noticed it being humid in the truck after it rained 

the back window was replaced and the issue continued, then found a vent in the back of the cab that was leaking, this was replaced 3 times with no sucess hence the lemon law

I got over 100% of the MSRP, not what i paid but its sticker towards a new truck, so this time i got more packages and such
I went from a 2015 that i paid $33,000( $42,000 MSRP)  for after rebates and such to a 2017 that has an MSRP at $47,000 before rebates.

I had to come out of pocket to cover the 6% tax on the difference in value but that wasnt much considering i got them to waive the mileage charge on the truck being turned in

the new truck is still an F150 Supercrew with the 2.7, just in lightning blue and now has the sport package, the tow package, 36 gallon gas tank, Navigation, and ford connect( Cell phone built into truck for remote start/ lojack)

this truck will be making is maiden voyage to the fort next weekend ( memorial day) jsut need to finish up repairs on the pup ( sink drain hose, power converter replaced)


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